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  • Updates!
    Current Updates: The birth of the 'Lands of Evelon' starts today! Welcome to the Official Forum of Evelon! We hope you come and enjoy yourselves here. =3 Please make sure to read the rules and check here often for any current news.
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  • Suggestions Board
    Have you ever had a suggestion, but you had no idea where to post it? Or have you proposed something, but with time, your suggestion got lost in the Gossip&Chatter limbo? Fear no more; this board is especially for our members, and for all their great suggestions just awaiting to be heard! If you have any suggestions to make, please post in this board!
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  • Rules and General Info
    New here? Then come and stop by this board to see all the do's and dont's in Evelon. These are rules that you MUST read before heading off to roleplay, as users who don't abide by them will be banned after five warnings. There are also a few threads with general info that you may find useful.
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  • Hellos and Goodbyes
    Why not drop in and say hello to all the members out there. If you're new here and would just like to meet a new friend, or you just happen to be leaving this forum for good, go ahead and post here.
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  • Help!
    This board is for any questions you may need answered. Please make sure to read the rules first, just so you don't end up asking something that's plainly stated. =3
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  • Official Records
    Records of many sorts are kept within the subforums of this section. They range from past breeding rooms, to retired pets, and to records of pets to retire in the future. For anyone trading retired pets or adopting pets that will retire, this is an important area to look in to.
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  • Zoo Pens
    Put all of your new Evelon Pets here for safe-keeping!
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    Subforums: Pet Stats, Roleplay Records, Templates
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  • Important Documentations
    There are some documents that you just don't want getting lost. You might need a mod to be able to see them one day. Breeding records, documentation of where you'd like your pets to go if you leave forever, ect. Only one thread is allowed per person, but with proper indexing of posts many important documents can be put in one place.
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  • Be My Valentine!
    Do you have a date planned? Or are you currently looking for a date? In this event, you'll get to sign up for roleplay blind dates or go on a date of your own choice. An in true Evelon fashion, there are prizes to be had for racking up those posts.
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  • The Story
    Anything relating to the story of the anniversary of the War for the Tear will be posted here. To keep up to date on the ongoings please check here.
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  • Scavenger Hunt
    The Purines are holding a scavenger hunt as part of their annual celebration of the ending of the War for the Tear. Check in here to join the party!
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  • Lambastia World Bridge (Rules!)
    This place actually isn't a 'bridge', but rather a large platform with bridges that lead to all sorts of places in Lambastia. Be sure to stop by and read the rules here that apply to ALL of the 'Explore' sections.
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  • Terrace Park
    The famous playground park in Evelon, rumored to have been the site of the Grand Hollowheart's defeat. Why not come by and enjoy the scenery with your pets? (+2 Fame, +2 Endurance)
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  • Tuun Mountains
    A mountainous region located up north of Nori Volcano, these mountain ranges go beyond what the eye can see. There are varying temperatures in the area depending on your location, from very mild and hot climates in the south, to moderately cold up north. They are a much more moderate area to explore, unlike the freezing mountain ranges of the Fe'gan Mountains. (+3 Endurance, +2 Defense)
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  • Nori Volcano
    Only for the most heat-resistant pets, this place is home to many rare sights... like melting rock... and exploding fissures... (+2 to Endurance)
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  • Lya Pointa Cathedral
    A rather rundown place, the ruins of this cathedral echo with dark deeds of the past. Many pets devious and demonic seem drawn here. (+3 Defense, +2 Offense)
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  • Aldrect, the Holy City
    Welcome to Aldrect! Here you'll see vast, towering buildings of pure alabaster and marble, and the business of the townsfolk. The religion of the Holy Triumvirate was begun here, and in the center of the city is a grand fountain... (+2 Defense, +2 Fame)
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  • Roraldi Forests
    Your classic fantasy forest, full of wonders and surprises! Bubbling hotsprings lie just around the bend, and many fruits can be found to suit every taste bud. Rumor has it that there are even talking forest Tali who can speak 'human'! (+2 Precision)
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  • Whisper Forest
    A rather strange and mysterious area, explorers are known to go missing in the Whisper Forest and never return. A low fog forever blankets the lush, moist dirt beneath, and the trees here are predicted to be as old as the most earliest of civilizations. Strange sounds have been reported being heard during the day, but not much else is known about this misty place... (+3 Speed, +2 Endurance)
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  • Vast Plains
    A wide open area of flat, dry land and rocky trenches, this place is the perfect area for training your pet (if you haven't decided on training them elsewhere). (+3 Speed)
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  • Basantha Shrine
    A very strange place indeed, this Shrine to the Holy Triumvirate is nestled within the icy peaks of the Fe'gan Mountains. Rumor has it that you could possibly run into some strange events or mysterious creatures that you can take home! There's some weird happenings already. (+2 Endurance)
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  • Dead Coast
    Welcome to the Dead Coast, home to the world's largest bucket of salt! Located nearest the Re'nee Sea, this small port-city is home for all opportunists who would gather the sea's salt deposits left on the shores and sell them for profit. How... exciting? (+2 to Endurance)
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  • Wilt'no Desert
    With temperatures rising over 143○C (289.40○F) in most areas, the only relief is given during the nights when it is much cooler. Primitive settlements found under the incredible sand dunes reveal that this area was once referred to as 'the Nothing World' or 'the Empty World', as there are hardly trees, much less anything, available in the Wilt'no Desert. All travelers are advised to keep to the local towns on the desert's outskirts and avoid traveling too far from civilization... It's... hot... (+3 Endurance, +2 Defense)
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  • Medicai City
    A city of white and silver, doctors from all over the world come to converge here and find work. Hospitals of all kinds decorate the white walkways of the city. There are many notable ones you can visit if your pet is in need of some attention. (+3 Precision)
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  • Barakka World Bridge (Rules!)
    This place actually isn't a 'bridge', but rather a large platform with bridges that lead to all sorts of places in Barakka. Be sure to stop by and read the rules here that apply to ALL of the 'Explore' sections.
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  • Town of Nabias
    A nice and peaceful town, Nabias offers a great place to start your journey or stock up on supplies before heading out to brave the rest of the wilderness out there. They also have Barakka's largest hospital facility to treat all sorts of injuries you could get out there in the jungles... (+2 Precision)
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  • Lamenolai, City of the Guardians
    Home to variety of cultural backgrounds both local and foreign, Lamenolai is a HUGE citadel-city with enormous stone walls that encompass the whole city and stone 'guardians' that watch out from the outskirts of the city. This is also home to the Headquarters of the Purists, who are an opposing organization to the Imperialists of Lambastia. (+2 Defense, +2 Fame)
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    02/22/2017 9:05 PM
  • Tengel Rainforest
    A dense jungle full of surprises and many new places to explore! Scientists are still trying to document species found here, and trainers flock here for a sense of adventure. Be sure to make lots of preparations before you consider traveling here, it can get quite dangerous! (+3 Precision, +2 Offense)
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    196 Topics
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    02/15/2017 11:22 PM
  • The Slums
    Yuck! Why would anyone want to come here? This is a rundown, old heap of a town tucked deep in the jungles, which consists mostly of poachers, black marketeers, thieves, and fugitives. This isn't exactly the ideal tourist spot... (+2 Defense, +2 Speed)
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    02/12/2017 2:36 PM
  • Jawan, the Sea City
    If you're looking for beautiful seaside scenery, this is the place for you. Home to the world's largest collection of fishermen and fishing pets, this city is well known, as it provides much of Barakka's fish exports. You should try the famous Broiled Sea Scalla, it's delicious! (+2 Fame)
    Moderator: Retired Staff
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    01/25/2017 11:46 PM
  • Sa'fir Coast
    Located on the opposite side of the Re'nee sea from the Dead Coast, Sa'fir Coast is often jokingly referred to the world's largest pepper deposit because of the beautiful black sand beaches found here. These beaches are popular tourist attractions where one can enjoy the tropical landscape of Barakka without facing the harsh environment that they would find in areas such as the rough Tengel. (+2 Endurance)
    Moderator: Retired Staff
    69 Topics
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    02/25/2017 4:28 AM
  • Nodia Sea
    The beautiful waters of Nodia are a popular destination for swimmers, divers, and aquatic creatures. It is home to a wide array of natural wonders: coral reefs, kelp forests, sinkholes, deep-sea thermal vents, and even an underwater river! (+2 Endurance)
    Moderator: Retired Staff
    24 Topics
    527 Posts
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    09/19/2016 10:28 AM
  • Nu'san Temple
    If you're ever looking for a nice quiet retreat, you can always stop here. Run by some rather devout monks, you will be eagerly welcomed and will share in the generous hospitality they offer to all weary travelers. You can even take the time here to achieve some spiritual enlightenment of your own if you wish, with the lush and vibrant sounds of the rainforest as a backdrop during your meditations... (+2 Precision)
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    12/16/2016 5:38 AM
  • Baian Swamp
    Okay, seriously, if you're going to travel here... bring an umbrella, it rains a LOT here... This swamp stretches for miles both ways along the southern coasts and only the nastiest of creatures live here and are able to survive in the dense muck. However, the moist soil here is highly rich in minerals, so many creatures that live here have certain 'advantages' or strengths that other creatures lack. To travel through this thick, muddy area, most either take specially designed boats or ... they wear really high boots... (+2 Offense)
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    12/19/2016 4:54 PM
  • Idalani Falls
    Also known as the 'Lover's Triangle', the Idalani area is a picture-perfect place to spend time with that special someone, with a beautiful exotic backdrop and countless rainbows dancing across the sky. (+2 Speed)
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    222 Topics
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    02/25/2017 2:59 PM
  • Sekudui Farmlands
    A wide open space in contrast to the dense Tengel jungle, the Sekudui Farmlands are open to all farmers and ranchers! There is much space available and plenty of resources to help raise some fine Tuskow or Roosken. (+3 Endurance, +2 Speed)
    Moderator: Retired Staff
    83 Topics
    1754 Posts
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    09/29/2016 1:21 AM
  • Craiss Caverns
    Once home to the Crystal Cities of the grand clans of Hunters, Craiss Caverns is nothing but a hollow empty shell of its former glory now due to a strange misfortune in the past. Man-made tunnels now lead to this place for others to venture in, but tales tell of some never returning... Strange runes upon the walls have said to enlighten some with knowledge of things about the self or the past. (+3 Defense, +2 Offense)
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    188 Topics
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  • Events
    Last post
  • Other Roleplaying!
    Go ahead and roleplay about other things (like MML, Neopets, Subeta, or Pokemon) here! Just about anything you can roleplay is allowed here (but stick to Evelon's rating, please). ^.^
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  • Gossip and Chatter
    Feel free to talk about pretty much anything here with your fellow members.
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    Subforums: Posting Games, Congratulations!
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  • Feedback
    Have you written a story that you'd like some others to read and give you some feedback? Or maybe you want some opinions on a piece of art, a custom design, or even a roleplay post. If so, this is the area for you!
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    5 Topics
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    01/28/2017 11:24 PM
  • Other Adoptables!
    Go ahead and show off any adoptables that you've got from any other sites! Please remember that only Evelon pets can be roleplayed outside of the 'Out of Character' section. ((Please be sure to credit the person who made the adoptables!))
    Moderator: Retired Staff
    Subforum: Mini Zoo Pens
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    12/29/2016 4:49 PM

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