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  • Updates!
    Current Updates: The birth of the 'Lands of Evelon' starts today! Welcome to the Official Forum of Evelon! We hope you come and enjoy yourselves here. =3 Please make sure to read the rules and check here often for any current news.
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  • Suggestions Board
    Have you ever had a suggestion, but you had no idea where to post it? Or have you proposed something, but with time, your suggestion got lost in the Gossip&Chatter limbo? Fear no more; this board is especially for our members, and for all their great suggestions just awaiting to be heard! If you have any suggestions to make, please post in this board!
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  • Rules and General Info
    New here? Then come and stop by this board to see all the do's and dont's in Evelon. These are rules that you MUST read before heading off to roleplay, as users who don't abide by them will be banned after five warnings. There are also a few threads with general info that you may find useful.
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  • Hellos and Goodbyes
    Why not drop in and say hello to all the members out there. If you're new here and would just like to meet a new friend, or you just happen to be leaving this forum for good, go ahead and post here.
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  • Help!
    This board is for any questions you may need answered. Please make sure to read the rules first, just so you don't end up asking something that's plainly stated. =3
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  • Official Records
    Records of many sorts are kept within the subforums of this section. They range from past breeding rooms, to retired pets, and to records of pets to retire in the future. For anyone trading retired pets or adopting pets that will retire, this is an important area to look in to.
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  • Zoo Pens
    Put all of your new Evelon Pets here for safe-keeping!
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    Subforums: Pet Stats, Roleplay Records, Templates
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  • Important Documentations
    There are some documents that you just don't want getting lost. You might need a mod to be able to see them one day. Breeding records, documentation of where you'd like your pets to go if you leave forever, ect. Only one thread is allowed per person, but with proper indexing of posts many important documents can be put in one place.
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  • Evelon's Marketplace
    Wanting to spend all that hard earned KS? Well here's the place to do it!
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  • Advertise!
    Looking for a certain pet? Wanting to get rid of that nasty 'lil Magma Creeper your mother gave you? Then post an advertisement here for all the pets you'd like to trade and even the ones you're looking for!
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  • The Bazaar
    Users may put their own shops here! (You MUST own the items you sell. Must be Evelon-related; but you can sell Evelon arts here too!)
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  • Be My Valentine!
    Do you have a date planned? Or are you currently looking for a date? In this event, you'll get to go on a date of your own choice. An in true Evelon fashion, there are prizes to be had for racking up those posts.
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  • The Story
    Anything relating to the story of the anniversary of the War for the Tear will be posted here. To keep up to date on the ongoings please check here.
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  • Scavenger Hunt
    The Purines are holding a scavenger hunt as part of their annual celebration of the ending of the War for the Tear. Check in here to join the party!
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  • Basantha
    Be it to the north or south, Basantha is characterized by harsh climates most Lambastians prefer not to trek. To the north are the frigid Fe'gan Mountains, Lambastia's highest and coldest peaks. Further south you'll encounter the arid expanse of the Wilt'no Desert, where most life only comes out during the night. Travelers find little escape to the west, even though the Tuun Mountains aren't quite as harsh.
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    Subforums: Basantha Shrine, Fe'gan Mountains, Tuun Mountains, Wilt'no Desert
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  • Desuna
    Variety seems to be the style of the western region of Desuna. Much of the south is exceptionally flat and has aptly been named the Vast Plains, as the land seems to roll out endlessly. If you reach the northern ends of the plains though, trees begin to appear, growing larger and thicker until you're surrounded by the Roraldi forest. Trees get more sparse toward the north, unable to grow in the surrounding permafrost.
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    Subforums: Aldrect, the Holy City, Lya Pointa Cathedral, Roraldi Forests, Vast Plains
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  • Norrega
    Most of Lambastia's city life can be found along the southeastern coast of Norrega, where settlers feel they are safe from Nori Volcano at the northern tip of the region. Warm gulf winds ensure this region is the most habitable on the continent, though travelers are warned of the disappearances of many venturing too close to the Whisper Forest. Species from all over are housed at the Evelon Preservation Zoo.
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    Subforums: Dead Coast, Medicai City, Nori Volcano, Terrace Park, Whisper Forest
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  • Open Waters
    Some say they would rather brave the waters surrounding Lambastia than anything beyond south Norrega. Others claim beyond the safety of the ports, Lambastia's waters are much more fearsome than anything on the land. Much of Yuunu Sea is covered in glaciers flowing from the mountains. Meanwhile, the floor of the Rewhister Ocean quickly drops off about 100 kilometers from the shore, to depths unknown.
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    Subforums: Rewhister Ocean, Yuunu Sea
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  • Iiy'lagon
    Often called the claw of Barakka, much of Iiy'lagon is covered in dense rain forests. If you can make it to the heart of the region, easiest to reach from the southern coast, you'll find the quaint town of Nabias and the vast Sekudui farmlands. Scientists from around the world often trek the risky northern waters and rocky shores to visit the islands at the tip of the region and study the great diversity there.
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    Subforums: Sa'fir Coast, Sekudui Farmlands, Town of Nabias
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  • Nssylai
    The easiest region to access thanks to the port city of Jawan, Nssylai is possibly the most welcoming for new travelers. There are fewer rain forests, more open space, beautiful winding rivers, and supposedly less dangers. If you do seek adventure though, the Craiss Caverns and Idalani Waterfalls are a sight to behold. For relaxation or to get in touch with your spiritual side, head out to Nu'san Temple.
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    Subforums: Craiss Caverns, Idalani Waterfalls, Jawan, the Sea City, Nu'san Temple
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  • Baa'sek
    Most of the southern region of Baa'sek is cut off from the rest of the continent by the dense, dangerous Tengel Rainforest. Much of what isn't forest is swamp lands, with the Baian Swamp covering the majority of the coast. Most cities exist along the edges of the rain forests, particularly in a divide just on the eastern limits of Baa'sek. Lamenolai lies to the north while the Slums lie to the south.
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    Subforums: Baian Swamp, Lamenolai, City of the Guardians, Tengel Rainforest, The Slums
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  • Open Waters
    Strong currents sweep from the northeast to the southwest of the Ree'ne Sea, making it difficult to reach the northwestern coast of Barakka. If you can cut through the currents though, Nodia Sea has stunningly clear, calm waters, the likes of which draw a lot of tourism. The oceans south of Barakka begin to get cold quickly, which keeps most adventurers sticking to the warm coasts.
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    Subforums: Freighlei Ocean, Nodia Sea, Ree'ne Sea
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  • Events
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  • Other Roleplaying!
    Go ahead and roleplay about other things (like MML, Neopets, Subeta, or Pokemon) here! Just about anything you can roleplay is allowed here (but stick to Evelon's rating, please). ^.^
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  • Gossip and Chatter
    Feel free to talk about pretty much anything here with your fellow members.
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    Subforums: Posting Games, Congratulations!
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  • Feedback
    Have you written a story that you'd like some others to read and give you some feedback? Or maybe you want some opinions on a piece of art, a custom design, or even a roleplay post. If so, this is the area for you!
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  • Other Adoptables!
    Go ahead and show off any adoptables that you've got from any other sites! Please remember that only Evelon pets can be roleplayed outside of the 'Out of Character' section. ((Please be sure to credit the person who made the adoptables!))
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