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  • Basantha
    Be it to the north or south, Basantha is characterized by harsh climates most Lambastians prefer not to trek. To the north are the frigid Fe'gan Mountains, Lambastia's highest and coldest peaks. Further south you'll encounter the arid expanse of the Wilt'no Desert, where most life only comes out during the night. Travelers find little escape to the west, even though the Tuun Mountains aren't quite as harsh.
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  • Desuna
    Variety seems to be the style of the western region of Desuna. Much of the south is exceptionally flat and has aptly been named the Vast Plains, as the land seems to roll out endlessly. If you reach the northern ends of the plains though, trees begin to appear, growing larger and thicker until you're surrounded by the Roraldi forest. Trees get more sparse toward the north, unable to grow in the surrounding permafrost.
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  • Norrega
    Most of Lambastia's city life can be found along the southeastern coast of Norrega, where settlers feel they are safe from Nori Volcano at the northern tip of the region. Warm gulf winds ensure this region is the most habitable on the continent, though travelers are warned of the disappearances of many venturing too close to the Whisper Forest. Species from all over are housed at the Evelon Preservation Zoo.
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  • Open Waters
    Some say they would rather brave the waters surrounding Lambastia than anything beyond south Norrega. Others claim beyond the safety of the ports, Lambastia's waters are much more fearsome than anything on the land. Much of Yuunu Sea is covered in glaciers flowing from the mountains. Meanwhile, the floor of the Rewhister Ocean quickly drops off about 100 kilometers from the shore, to depths unknown.
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