Variety seems to be the style of the western region of Desuna. Much of the south is exceptionally flat and has aptly been named the Vast Plains, as the land seems to roll out endlessly. If you reach the northern ends of the plains though, trees begin to appear, growing larger and thicker until you're surrounded by the Roraldi forest. Trees get more sparse toward the north, unable to grow in the surrounding permafrost.

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  • Aldrect, the Holy City
    Welcome to Aldrect! Here you'll see vast, towering buildings of pure alabaster and marble, and the business of the townsfolk. The religion of the Holy Triumvirate was begun here, and in the center of the city is a grand fountain of the gods. (+2 Defense, +2 Fame)
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  • Lya Pointa Cathedral
    Once a grand cathedral dedicated to the Holy Triumvirate, all that remains now are ruins ever since the religion was rejected strongly in 1823. While the religion is back in favor, the cathedral was never restored. (+3 Defense, +2 Offense)
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  • Roraldi Forests
    These woods are nice for a casual walk or even if you have a more adventurous urge. Bubbling hot springs lie just around the bend, fruits can be found to suit every taste bud, and rumor has it there are talking Tali who can speak Lambastian! (+2 Precision)
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  • Vast Plains
    A wide open area of flat, grassy land and rocky trenches, supposedly a wide range of ancient civilizations once lived here. Species that like wide, open areas, such as Gyrophants, Serraptors, and Sahound, thrive here, though only the agile survive. (+3 Speed)
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