Most of Lambastia's city life can be found along the southeastern coast of Norrega, where settlers feel they are safe from Nori Volcano at the northern tip of the region. Warm gulf winds ensure this region is the most habitable on the continent, though travelers are warned of the disappearances of many venturing too close to the Whisper Forest. Species from all over are housed at the Evelon Preservation Zoo.

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  • Dead Coast
    Welcome to the Dead Coast, home to the world's largest bucket of salt! Located nearest the Re'nee Sea, this small port-city is home for all opportunists who would gather the sea's salt deposits left on the shores and sell them for profit. (+2 to Endurance)
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  • Medicai City
    A city of white and silver, doctors from all over the world come to converge here and find work. Hospitals of all kinds decorate the white walkways of the city. There are many notable ones you can visit if your pet is in need of some attention. (+3 Precision)
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  • Nori Volcano
    As an active volcano, few creatures venture near Nori for fear of being too close during an eruption. On most days there is a continuous slow flow of molten rock seeping through the mouth of the volcano, so travelers are advised to dress appropriately. (+2 to Endurance)
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  • Terrace Park
    Almost large enough to be considered a theme park while remaining free to the public, Terrace Park is rumored to have been the site of the Grand Hollowheart's defeat, leading to the Hollowhearts first accepting a pact with humans. (+2 Fame, +2 Endurance)
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  • Whisper Forest
    A mysterious area, explorers tend to go missing and never return. A low fog constantly blankets the forest floor and strange sounds have been reported being heard during the day. Not much else is known about the forest. (+3 Speed, +2 Endurance)
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