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  • Iiy'lagon
    Often called the claw of Barakka, much of Iiy'lagon is covered in dense rain forests. If you can make it to the heart of the region, easiest to reach from the southern coast, you'll find the quaint town of Nabias and the vast Sekudui farmlands. Scientists from around the world often trek the risky northern waters and rocky shores to visit the islands at the tip of the region and study the great diversity there.
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  • Nssylai
    The easiest region to access thanks to the port city of Jawan, Nssylai is possibly the most welcoming for new travelers. There are fewer rain forests, more open space, beautiful winding rivers, and supposedly less dangers. If you do seek adventure though, the Craiss Caverns and Idalani Waterfalls are a sight to behold. For relaxation or to get in touch with your spiritual side, head out to Nu'san Temple.
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  • Baa'sek
    Most of the southern region of Baa'sek is cut off from the rest of the continent by the dense, dangerous Tengel Rainforest. Much of what isn't forest is swamp lands, with the Baian Swamp covering the majority of the coast. Most cities exist along the edges of the rain forests, particularly in a divide just on the eastern limits of Baa'sek. Lamenolai lies to the north while the Slums lie to the south.
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  • Open Waters
    Strong currents sweep from the northeast to the southwest of the Ree'ne Sea, making it difficult to reach the northwestern coast of Barakka. If you can cut through the currents though, Nodia Sea has stunningly clear, calm waters, the likes of which draw a lot of tourism. The oceans south of Barakka begin to get cold quickly, which keeps most adventurers sticking to the warm coasts.
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