Most of the southern region of Baa'sek is cut off from the rest of the continent by the dense, dangerous Tengel Rainforest. Much of what isn't forest is swamp lands, with the Baian Swamp covering the majority of the coast. Most cities exist along the edges of the rain forests, particularly in a divide just on the eastern limits of Baa'sek. Lamenolai lies to the north while the Slums lie to the south.

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  • Baian Swamp
    Possibly the rainiest place on Evelon, Baian stretches for miles along the southern coasts. Thanks to the moist soil rich in minerals, wildlife here have developed unique adaptations. To travel through this thick, muddy area, most either take specially designed boats. (+2 Offense)
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  • Lamenolai, City of the Guardians
    Home to a variety of cultural backgrounds, Lamenolai is a citadel city with stone walls that encompass the whole city and stone 'guardians.' It is also home to the Headquarters of the Purines, an opposing organization to the Imperialists of Lambastia. (+2 Defense, +2 Fame)
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  • Tengel Rainforest
    A dense jungle full of surprises and new places to explore! Scientists are still trying to document species found here, while travelers flock here for a sense of adventure. Be sure to make lots of preparations though, as it can be quite dangerous! (+3 Precision, +2 Offense)
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  • The Slums
    The slums are a rundown, old heap of a town tucked deep in the jungles, with townsfolk consisting mostly of poachers, black marketeers, thieves, and fugitives. While the ideal tourist spot, some travel to the Slums to make use of the black markets. (+2 Defense, +2 Speed)
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