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Re: .:Breeding Updates:. (2/18)

Postby ToxicShadow » 02/18/2017 1:13 AM


Lovey Love Breeding Season

Love is in the air! And in the water, too. While scientists have not been able to determine if it was intentional or just a freak accident, a whole batch of Lovely Love Potions have gotten into the water supply. During this season, all breeding pairs, regardless of gender, may breed without the use of a Lovey Love potion.

This season is predicted to last for the remainder of February.
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Postby Kyrit » 07/21/2017 11:53 AM

It has been almost  two months since users asked staff to do away with the Lovey Love Potions and Eternal Love Elixir. While I can confirmed we have not done away with the Lovey Love Potion, staff continued to talk until we at least came to a compromise that would give users what they want without damaging Evelon's lore of helping couples in need with magic. Information on the potion is still listed in the Mage's Brewery, but if you look at it there is no mention of a price. Instead it state "Supplied by Breeding Facility."

If you have bought and not used a LLP/ELE since the first of the year, your Keystones will be refunded to you within the next week (possibly by the end of today. We'll see, since I might have to run in to work to cover). If you have an unused LLP or ELE from before the first of the year, you will be given a 25 KS Marketplace voucher.

This isn't all the news I bring on the breedable front though! A large part of the reason this update took so long is that the Breeding Center Front Desk needed to be updated with the new information regarding LLPs and in general was mostly rewritten to hopefully make it a little bit lighter of a read. Please be sure to read through the rules on breedings, as there have been some updates! I'll give a few highlights here, but it's still best to give the thread a full read.

° The breeding must follow all roleplaying rules, with a minimum of 75 words per post. Any post found under 75 words will not count toward the 25 posts required for a room to pass.
° The initiator must have, on hand, half the cost of a room in order to pay for a deposit on the based on species being bred (this step is skipped is you are breeding using a Breeder Boost or are using a room key). Once a room is completed, the second half of the room fee will be subtracted from the initiator. Staff will not take split payments - have your partner send you their half if you are splitting costs. Below are the costs of each room, and what the deposits are:
       Kuhnas: Deposit - 65 KS | Final Payment - 65 KS | Total Payment - 130 KS
       Lucain: Deposit - 85 KS | Final Payment - 65 KS | Total Payment - 170 KS
       Paragon: Deposit - 85 KS | Final Payment - 65 KS | Total Payment - 170 KS
       Soveri: Deposit - 85 KS | Final Payment - 65 KS | Total Payment - 170 KS

° You will not be required to make the final payment if a room fails for any reason.

These are the largest of the changes made. As you can see, all breeding room prices were raised a bit. This covers the inclusion of the LLP and the fact that you now gain KS in the breeding area! Yep, we promised it, KS gain is back in the breeding area. We're hoping that the new set up will keep the overall price increase from making it harder for users to start rooms though.

The Information Center has also been updated, as it was a bit outdated and didn't even have a section for Soveris Breeder Notes.

Last but not least, you'll see in the Breeding Facility section on the front page there is a new forum called the Records Facility! All of the various Hall of Records threads have been moved there (and split in to posts of 25 litters) along with the Kuhna pairing list and a new thread; the Breeding License Tracker.

We know it's been a long while in waiting, but hopefully everyone will enjoy the changes that have been made.

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Re: .:Breeding Updates:. (7/21 Major Update)

Postby Mojave » 07/21/2017 7:56 PM

WHOOOOO! :D Not gonna lie, I was almost mad about the price increases until I read we got KS gain back. TOTALLY WORTH IT! Thanks everyone! <3

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