This is where you'll tell us what Retiring Pets you have. This is MANDATORY if you want to keep them, so please keep your lists updated from time to time.

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Postby BaalsBaby » 10/23/2009 12:59 AM


If you'll notice, there's a new subforum here in the Rules section. It is required that you list all of the retireable pets you own by the indicated color in the proper areas.

Pets must be listed in the proper order:

Species Name & Amount of Pets

For Example:
Penticorn 1
Fellox 2
Hydrolisk 1

* Users may not create their own threads in the Retiring Pets Subforums.
* You probably don't have all the Retireable pets memorized, so we've made it easy for you! You only have to add the pets that are shown in the threads! There's no need to add pets that are already retired (they're in your real Ownership lists already.)
* Lists MUST be up-to-date before the time a pet has retired. Those who fail to post that they own the pet (after the pet retires) will automatically have to forfeit ownership of the retired pet.

For Example:

Baalsbaby adopts 3 Bleached Fellox in her Zoo Pen but forgets to post them in the Bleached thread. Suddenly, the Bleached Fellox retires! Oh no! Since Baal didn't post them in the Retiring Pets (Bleached) thread, she doesn't own those 3 Fellox anymore. T^T

~********Please note that you do not have to say you traded the Retired Pets in this subforum. Simply list your trade note in the proper thread. These subforums are for Ownership only.********~
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