Have you ever had a suggestion, but you had no idea where to post it? Or have you proposed something, but with time, your suggestion got lost in the Gossip&Chatter limbo? Fear no more; this board is especially for our members, and for all their great suggestions just awaiting to be heard! If you have any suggestions to make, please post in this board!

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Postby Omnisearch » 07/17/2010 1:09 AM

Welcome to the Suggestion Board!

Welcome! The purpose of this board is for users to suggest ideas! This ranges from little RPing activities to plot events! No matter how small, we love hearing about people's ideas! Part of our job is to make users happy, and for that to happen, we need your input and your ideas; what you'd like to see, what you think could happen, etc.

So, what exactly do we expect from you?

Well, first, we request mutual respect. If someone proposes an idea you think is 'ridiculous' or 'impossible', please don't be negative or disrespectful. We want this board to be mature, so please take in consideration the person's feelings. :3 They might be shy, and it might have taken them days to work up the courage to post. Maybe they thought their idea was really good. So we won't accept disrespect! Play nice.

In relation to the first rule, if someone has an idea you think is really good, don't be shy to post in their topic to say how much you like their idea! :D There's nothing wrong with sharing your agreement with an idea; it tells us which ideas sound interesting to the community and which ones might need tweaking, etc.

Second, we want you to be open-minded. Remember that this is a board for suggestions. This means that ideas are usually in a rough draft stage, and they should be open for propositions and input from other members. Don't post an idea if you don't want others to give you input on it. Not to mention, we might only take the skeleton of your idea, and not everything you propose, so be open and flexible! :3

Likewise, as a poster reviewing an idea, don't be afraid to point its flaws! An idea might sound perfect in your head and on paper, but it's always expected for someone to find a flaw. Keep in mind, flaws don't equal rejection. In fact, flaws do need to be found and tweaked! It's by ironing out those little buggers that your idea can be polished until it shines like a real gem. So don't be afraid when people point out flaws! =3

Now that you know about the board, how do you use it?

As you've probably seen, this board has Mod-created topics in it. These topics are for ideas that are usually simple and don't require much explanation. You might need a good few paragraphs to explain an RPing event, but you need only a sentence or two to describe a color scheme. =3

In this board, there is also a subforum; the subforum in question is specifically for you members! You can post your ideas in there freely. If an idea is elaborate, you may create a single topic for it; however, if you have multiple small suggestions, if you can, please keep them all in the same topic! Just to avoid excessive clutter and to avoid bumping other ideas back the page/on page 2.

What kind of ideas can you not propose in your own topics?

-Pet Colorations: We have the official topic for them; there's no need for a whole topic to say, "I think a black/red/white series of pets would be cool!"
-Marketplace Merchandise: This includes anything that could belong in the Marketplace; toys, potions, etc. Keep in mind, this is different from events, such as the Seasonal Shop, which you may propose. =3
-Traits/Stats: Kodai has a topic specifically for this; so use it!
-RPing Areas: Again, it doesn't take a whole topic to get input on a new RPing area, so please use the topic! =3
-Contest: Contest ideas are usually not extremely detailed, nor do they really require a lot of work; they're for fun and usually only need a basic outline for users to follow. =3 So use the topic!

What kind of ideas can you propose?

-Events: This includes events Draiz could host in the Marketplace, small RPing events for RE2, item hunts like the Easter Egg Hunt, and many more! Basically, an event is something that requires a lot of work, and which involves the whole community, usually for a prize.
-Anything to better the system: This is rather hard to describe, but have you ever done something on Evelon, thinking that it could be better if this and that were implemented, or if this were managed another way entirely? Basically, you can suggest this sort of idea, too. Brand new things aren't always what we need; sometimes polishing our existing events can do wonders! =3
-Plots: Now, this isn't like an event. For those who remember the Imperial/Purine War, that's basically what a 'plot' is. It requires a LOT of thinking, planning, and it has to be adapted to the community in an amazing, fun way. :3 Please keep in mind, every plot has to be about Evelon. So unfortunately, you can't ask for us to plan a huge plot involving your own Gods that migrated over to the world of Evelon.
-'How Could We Do This?': Do you have an idea you think would be great? An idea that's completely different, and that would be a breath of fresh air? If you have an idea, but you don't know how to play it out or organize it, don't be shy about posting a topic about it! You're free to ask people for help, thus creating a 'brainstorming' topic.

If you have any questions, feel free to PM the Moderators! <3
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