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Keep or Abolish the Hunt Tag?

Keep it! Even with the cut and paste replies, it's still too jarring.
Abolish it! More eligible RP's means more chances for pets.
I have another idea! (Post below)
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Re: * Random Event Ideas

Postby MillietheWarrior » 03/06/2016 10:23 PM

.:Random Event 2:. wrote:After the Lost pets, yeah there was... the special thing planned, and then maybe some variants of the more heavily edited pets? So they're not their own species or anything but they're still special? If people like that idea?
I mean I don't get a lot of suggestions at me in regards to pet prizes so this feedback is actually super helpful.

I like the idea of that. I like variants, and I'm a huge fan of Mekkayenas, so i'd be interested to see the variations, if any, of those. And the Tali. I think the re-drawn new pets, like the Alluria and its family would be interesting wild pets to have; there's some variation that can be done in their coloring (wild birds, etc). But seeing the re-drawn pets, like the Torken, Tali, Garudor, Leawolf etc. Even maybe seeing some random wild Dalma (they're very underrated; they could use some cool new looks in the form of rare wild pets?) would be great. Even seeing some of the more "natural-esque" wild pets, like the Ursice, and Tricky would be pretty neat too.

.:Random Event 2:. wrote:As for Lost Pets, well no it wasn't a number made public until today. I mean, I have a percentage in my signature of all the discovered species, and it's actually not updated to include the second lot of Lost Pets that was made up. So there's a lot more than people realise. I eventually want all compatible pets to have a Lost variant so. As for a discovered list? Well people have been posting their pets here! But I can work on an official list if people prefer that too. I won't be adding pets on until they're found though, but I can say that all the pets were thoughtfully placed and some areas are definitely themed/geared towards certain pets.

Yes, please. I would love an official list; people do post their pets in that thread, but not always where they get them. I don't want to go through and try and figure out exactly where. I would love to know where the Lost Tali was found though, because I definitely would like to take a crack at that one. Does every area have a pet? There are a lot of areas, so with that many pets, some could have two. I'd imagine every area would at least get one.

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A great adventure!

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Re: * Random Event Ideas

Postby Silver » 03/06/2016 10:27 PM

I assumed from the beginning there was a lost pet for most if not all areas. (Now I'm under the impression that there might be more than one in some areas?) Either way I figured that there were a lot more undiscovered.

It looks like a lot of us have interpreted the information about Random Events differently. Maybe a FAQ with some of the questions we asked here would be a good idea? I know it's explained in the thread, but maybe rewording some of it in FAQ form would be helpful for us.

Psst Millie the Lost Tali was found in Roraldi Forests - they even mention Tali in the description of the area.

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Re: * Random Event Ideas

Postby Ander » 03/06/2016 10:54 PM

Following up on my previous post: I think it was Toxic's post that gave me some more ideas to think about, and basically brought to mind a pretty fundamental split between my personal conception of what RE2 is supposed to be and what it sounds like RE2 is currently actually supposed to be. I'm apparently still stuck in the whole mindset that the hunt and the pet should be relevant to the roleplay that's taking place. I know that's something that probably changed back when RE2 stopped actually roleplaying, but I think that's still how I'm looking at it in my head? And that's influencing my opinion.

If it's actually now supposed to be nothing more than a "Something Has Happened!" style prompt (to borrow Neopets' nomenclature), then yeah, I can understand where tagging might be considered obsolete. In the event that its intention is to be a truly random event, then I guess it's understandable that sometimes a wild pet would drop in an area where a drop doesn't make sense, because the event is no longer tied to the RP. You just grab your pet and use it for trade fodder if you don't have an idea for it.

Personally, that seems really...I don't know. Procedural? It loses something special about it (that might just be my being stuck in an old mindset, though). If that's the way it's intended, then okay, I can see where I was wrong on that.

As far as the 'small species' problem, I would fall into the camp of those who would love an Inessi or Wombear, so it'd be great not to see those getting neglected when new variations happen! I mean, I guess I'd also chime in saying that it would be great to see some of the older species (Wombear, Snicky, Palmie, Mr. Wilson) get an eventual art upgrade or even an evolution option via Evo-Lux or whatever to make them desirable to the majority, but that's definitely not even necessary since they're also lovable the way they are. D=
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