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.:Advertisement Rules:.

Postby Kyrit » 06/17/2008 8:53 PM

For general information on adopting and trading pets, all rules and guidelines can be found here. The only rules outlined in this thread will be those for user held auctions, should a user wish to auction a pet rather than trade it.

• When setting up a thread for an auction, label in the title that it is an auction.
       This prevents your auction from being lost within the greater number of normal trading threads. In the past, auctions had their own general section. Since this section was seldom used, we decided to merge auctions with advertisements and only have a separate section for staff auctions.

• So how does an Auction work, exactly?
       An auctioneer should always make sure to include the following things in their auction:
               • What they are auctioning (pet [with image], art, ect)
               • Starting Bid - the minimum they will accept
               •  Minimum Increment - 10 KS means you must bid at least 10 KS above the previous bid.
               •  Buy It Now/Auto-Win - claiming the Buy It Now (BIN) means you are the winner right away.
               •  The currency(ies) available - if the auctioneer accepts them, non-Evelon currencies are fine.
               •  End Date - ex: Monday, December 3rd, 2PM [Time Zone]

• When an auction ends, the highest bidder wins the pet(s)
       When you accept to buy a pet, you are obliged to pay for it. If you offered 200KS on a pet, you have to pay the 200KS. You cannot try to decrease the cost. You should also pay as soon as possible. If you refuse to pay, the Staff may get involved.

• If the auctioneer has been unable to receive payment they have the right to ask a Moderator for help.
       If the winner still refuses to pay, we will subtract the money from their account manually, so long as it is an Evelon currency, and add it in your account. If the winner doesn't have enough KS, there is nothing the Staff can do, however. The auctioned pet will have to go to the second highest bidder, so long as they still have interest. Otherwise, you will have to put the pet back up for auction. Keep in mind, you do not have the right to push the second highest bidder to pay. They didn't officially win, and thus, they are not obliged to pay.

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