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[* A Final Goodbye to Slynne (Please Read)

Postby Omnisearch » 08/24/2014 11:57 AM


I would like to take a few minutes of your time to share some news that I judge are important for the community to know.

You may find more details in this topic posted by Kitty, but for those who have not stumbled across the topic, one of our members, Slynne, sadly passed away on August 8, 2014.

While I am not sure who here knew her on a personal level, she has quite a few posts under her belt, and I remember her coming back only a few months ago. She seemed to be a gentle and kind person, and she never gave us any trouble. She was also very young, at only 20, with a young infant son of her own.

To quote Kitty on the possible (but not confirmed!) cause of death:

Kitty wrote:Also, as I said there was little to no information on what happened but everyone outside the family is speculating that she did take her own life. She's had trouble with depression and, especially just after having the baby and dealing with all that stress, this seems the most likely. She generally hid the depression well so you guys might not have noticed any difference.

If this is, in fact, the case, then she is sadly another person who was taken by her own hands. I think it's worth mentioning, because too many people suffer all on their own without ever seeking help or letting others know how much pain they're keeping bottled up inside. If you have friends or family who have mentioned suffering from depression before, please give them some love and attention.

This has become such a problem in our society of today, and yet very few seem to bother to mention this problem — at least compared to equally fatal diseases, like cancer. Depression is extremely serious, and typically, young people are the ones suffering from it. Even in an age of technology, nothing truly beats human kindness in its full form. The internet may help you cope, but having no one in RL to help you and care for you will eventually drive you into a corner. It's heartbreaking that so many feel like there is no way out of this corner.

This is truly tragic news, and it's extremely unfortunate to hear that a member of our small community has passed, especially at such a young age.

We cannot hold a minute of silence, since this is a forum. But if you can, please express your sympathies and condolences, take a minute to wish her family courage, and please give your support to Kitty, who had the heart and courage to come and let us know of her passing.

Kitty was once again kind enough to provide some links to her obituary, here and here. I'm not sure how politically-correct it is to give condolences weeks after her passing; Kitty, please let me know what you think. I think it would be respectful and kind to actually post a little note to provide support and condolences to her family directly. We may not have known her as much as her family and friends in RL, but she was a member of our community, and that alone meant something.

Goodbye, Slynne, and thank you for sharing your time on Evelon with us, as short as it was. I hope we were at least capable of providing you with a little bit of fun and happiness while you were part of our community.
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