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Re: [* Holiday Wish-A-Thon 2014!

Postby MillietheWarrior » 12/26/2014 4:37 PM

Eee~ Nala Kuhndra! I love it! Thank you SO much! And congrats to everyone who's won something! <333

I love adventurous tales like that. That uplifting feeling that comes from seeing unknown lands and the knowledge that you came across—nothing can replace it! It opens a path from which self-confidence, experience, and important friendships—from the sharing of life or death situations—are born! But hearing it just isn’t the same. I want to create my own magnificent story!

A great adventure!

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Re: [* Holiday Wish-A-Thon 2014!

Postby Kreepy » 12/27/2014 6:59 AM

So we're smashing out some more winners today tooo. Are you ready? Hold onto your pants 8|

First off, Pickle gets a Wynd Kuhna, and a voucher to make it into a Lakundra. I'd gift you the Kundra outright, but we don't have the markings yet.
RiDragon gets a Malice Wyrm to help kickstart their zoo pen and help them find their feet on Evelon.
And last but not least, ShadowStitches has been sent a Sauria Battleheart.

Here I am, there you are
Don't wanna stop
I know you know it, I can feel it
All the tension rising up
So much it hurts
We're saying more than words

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Re: [* Holiday Wish-A-Thon 2014!

Postby Pickle » 12/27/2014 12:12 PM

AHHHH *criescries* I love you guysss!! ;A; Thank you so, so much!  Holy crap, Tim, my huge softie!! <3 <3 This guy will be put to major good use.  Thank you so much!  And congrats to the other winners! ;0; Oh gosh I could flip out for many many paragraphs about how happy I am, but I'll save y'all the spam post. X'D <3 Thank youu!!! *o*

I think back to the time when my search first began,
I left behind those shores of sand
For the endless everlasting world out there.

I know that with this burning passion driving me
Someday, somewhere I'll finally see
The light I have searched for everywhere!

-One Piece, "Hikari E"

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Re: [* Holiday Wish-A-Thon 2014!

Postby Nyxia » 12/27/2014 1:08 PM

Congrats to everyone!

Bottles smashed, I raised my hand
How can you all even stand?
And why is there joy in this poison? Oh
Faking smiles and confidence
Driving miles to capture this excitement
I can't take anymore

You're never gonna get it
I'm a hazard to myself
I'll break it to you easy
This is hell, this is hell
You're looking and whispering
You think I'm someone else
This is hell, yes
I am in hell

We Don't Have to Dance - Andy Black
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Re: [* Holiday Wish-A-Thon 2014!

Postby Kylo » 12/27/2014 2:13 PM

OMg so many awesome gifts! Congrats everyone!

My whole existence is flawed
You get me closer to god
You can have my isolation, you can have the hate that it brings
You can have my absence of faith, you can have my everything
Help me tear down my reason, help me it's your sex I can smell
Help me you make me perfect, help me become somebody else

Through every forest, above the trees
Within my stomach, scraped off my knees
I drink the honey inside your hive
You are the reason I stay alive

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Re: [* Holiday Wish-A-Thon 2014!

Postby ShadowStitches » 12/27/2014 2:23 PM

wheeeee!!! *flails* OMG thank you so much!!
He comes at the perfect time too :) *Is a happy shadow*
Cannot say, I'm breaking the rules
If I can glue em back together.


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Re: [* Holiday Wish-A-Thon 2014!

Postby Elixir » 12/27/2014 2:37 PM

Congrats everyone! ^o^ Pickle, I'm so happy you got that Kuhna. He's absolutely adorable. <3333

Do not go gentle into that good night,
ld age should burn and rave at close of day;
age, rage against the dying of the light.

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Re: [* Holiday Wish-A-Thon 2014!

Postby Atoli01 » 12/27/2014 2:50 PM

Awwwwww, a Wynd Kuhna! //High-fives my Endangered Wish-A-Thon Kuhna buddy! 8'D It's also so amazingly sweet that you guys all gave a little cutie to Ri. ; v ; The holidays really make me remember how sweet everyone on here is. Either way, congrats to the winners!

A beautiful moon shines above again tonight,
And it sheds light happily over the world.
As for me, I'm just worthless, good for nothing,
Dreaming at daybreak, creeping at dawn.

Still I'll scream into the sky, hoping that somebody will find me.
I want to run, but there's no way out--
No bright future in sight.
But I still fly up like a butterfly, hoping that you'll find me.
A crescent moon, ugly children of the stars, flying with broken wings...!

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Re: [* Holiday Wish-A-Thon 2014!

Postby FrostyRae » 12/28/2014 12:13 AM

Congrats to everyone so far~! <3
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Re: [* Holiday Wish-A-Thon 2014!

Postby Sarah » 12/28/2014 1:58 AM

Congratulations everyone!

You want to feel how it feels?
Do you want to know?
Know that it doesn't hurt me.
You want to hear about the deal I'm making?

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Re: [* Holiday Wish-A-Thon 2014!

Postby Kyrit » 12/28/2014 7:08 PM

We've only got two winners for the day, but that doesn't make it any less special.

A big thanks goes to Silv for saving the PSD with all the gradients for a preview of this Lucain, meaning she was able to easily shade it. This beautiful girl is a gift for Crow.

This very colorful 'Wockee wants to waltz home with IndigoBook

Ohana means family.
Family means nobody gets left behind, or forgotten.
Even as a pirate, I understand that.
You, my family, are my greatest treasure .
I won't let that be stolen.

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Re: [* Holiday Wish-A-Thon 2014!

Postby crow » 12/28/2014 7:17 PM

Ohhhh my god. Oh my GOD. Thank you guys so much ;v; That girl is a long-time character of mine gosh words are failing me right now aaaaaa. She's so beautiful. Thank you. She will be dearly loved.

That Wockee is rockin', Indigo! And congrats to everyone else who got gifted so far too! Eeee.

I'm only honest when it rains.
If I time it right, the thunder breaks
When I open my mouth.
I want to love you but I don't know how.

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Re: [* Holiday Wish-A-Thon 2014!

Postby Saahs » 12/28/2014 7:19 PM

Eeeeee congratulations for all the lovely pets, you guys! :D That's a super colourful wockee holy shoeshine. .0.

And though where the road then takes me,
I cannot tell.
We came all this way,
But now comes the day
To bid you, farewell!

I bid you all, a very fond farewell.

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Re: [* Holiday Wish-A-Thon 2014!

Postby Phoenix » 12/28/2014 7:29 PM

Congratulations to everyone I missed!

I'm glad that so many people are getting their wishes granted <3

like sunlight shining through the leaves
we are beautiful

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Re: [* Holiday Wish-A-Thon 2014!

Postby Indigo » 12/28/2014 7:29 PM

If there's one thing I wasn't expecting to find in my inbox, it was Finneas. :D I realize he's probably...not everyone's cup of tea, haha, but I love him. [squishes]

Also I haven't been congratulating people, but congratulations to everyone else who's won!

I'm not a gangster tonight
Don't wanna be a bad guy
I'm just a loner, baby
And now you've gotten in my way

I can't decide whether you should live or die
Oh you'll probably go to heaven
Please don't hang your head and cry
No wonder why my heart feels dead inside
It's cold and hard and petrified
Lock the doors and close the blinds
We're going for a ride

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