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Re: [* Soon, Lasers in my Eyes (Surgery)

Postby Omnisearch » 12/27/2014 10:18 AM


Hey guys, I am back from my 24 hours. c,:

It was kind of awful. I was okay... until the numbing drops ran off. And then all hell broke loose! 8,D

Eyes were burning so bad I couldn't open my eyes. Literally slept all day. With my mom religiously putting the drops in my eyes with 5 minutes between them. Religiously. I do mean it.

I am in the car back from my 24 hour appointment, and my eyes are healing super dandy! ovo A little bit of inflammation so I need to put one of the two antibiotic drops more often still today and tomorrow, but otherwise, 110% healing on the right path!

I got the okay to take off the sunglasses (only outside) and I can look at electronics again! 8,D With moderation but yes. I got the okay to be addicted again. C,:

I was so sad I couldn't come tell you guys about my recovery yesterdaaaaay. ; ___ ; I wanted my mom to text Thunder or something but it just didn't happen.

But yeah I'm on the right way to recovery! <3 Thank you for the well wishes, and holy shit, my phone is HUGE now. And my watch. And just about everything. 8|!

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Re: [* Soon, Lasers in my Eyes (Surgery)

Postby Baconwizard » 12/27/2014 10:50 AM

Omg thats fantastic!! Congrats shrewdie! make sure you keep taking care of those gorgeous new peepers and not strain them, okay~
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Re: [* Soon, Lasers in my Eyes (Surgery)

Postby Pickle » 12/27/2014 12:38 PM


Shrewdberry yaaay, I'm glad things are going well!  Kudos to your second mother for taking such good care of you in my absence. ;3
Lmao, on the real though, congratulations!  Keep up that 110%! Get more rest! <8C (I can't help it ahh /coddles)

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Re: [* Soon, Lasers in my Eyes (Surgery)

Postby Kylo » 12/27/2014 12:48 PM

Congrats Shrewd! I'm so glad everything went well!

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Re: [* Soon, Lasers in my Eyes (Surgery)

Postby Atoli01 » 12/27/2014 2:53 PM

Shrewdieeeee!<3 I'm so glad everything went okay, my gosh. Even if you got the okay to be addicted again, take it easy, missy. >:l if you need to rest, make sure you take one. Can't have your new lookers getting hurt! D'8

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Re: [* Soon, Lasers in my Eyes (Surgery)

Postby Freezair » 12/27/2014 3:05 PM





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Re: [* Soon, Lasers in my Eyes (Surgery)

Postby ToxicShadow » 12/27/2014 3:15 PM


I'm glad to hear that everything went well! <3 Like everyone said, make sure not to push yourself too hard and rest your eyes when you need to. (Especially since your work requires you to stare at electronics, too.) Even if you need to rest, Evelon will still be here for you~
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Re: [* Soon, Lasers in my Eyes (Surgery)

Postby Azura Rayume » 12/27/2014 3:53 PM

Yay! I've been keeping up with things over this vacation, and I'm glad to hear it went so well. Take your time and recover well, Shrewd.

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Re: [* Soon, Lasers in my Eyes (Surgery)

Postby Nyxia » 12/27/2014 5:54 PM

Glad to hear everything went well, Shrewdy. Take it easy and rest, we'll all still be here when you come back.

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Re: [* Soon, Lasers in my Eyes (Surgery)

Postby Mojave » 12/27/2014 7:14 PM

Glad you're doing ok, Shrewdie~ Don't jinx it though and get plenty of rest. :)

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Re: [* Soon, Lasers in my Eyes (Surgery)

Postby crow » 12/27/2014 7:17 PM

Really glad to see your surgery went well! Hope your recovery goes quick too; get lots of rest, friend. Congrats on new and shiny vision!

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Re: [* Soon, Lasers in my Eyes (Surgery)

Postby BaalsBaby » 12/27/2014 10:57 PM

Glad it went well and that you're healing~ 8D BUT UGH NO. CORNEA FLAPS. ; DDDDD;
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Re: [* Soon, Lasers in my Eyes (Surgery)

Postby ToxxicRenegadeAngel » 01/22/2015 12:19 PM

Good to hear about the recovery Shrewdie xD hope everything stays clear!
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