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[* Soon, Lasers in my Eyes (Surgery)

Postby Omnisearch » 12/14/2014 3:14 PM


Hello, Evelon. I'd intended to post this yesterday, but it was a very, very bad day, so I decided to post this today instead.

Those who do not know, I have been wearing glasses since I was a wee little mini-me, I believe even before I was 10 years old. My vision was always pretty bad, where sometimes my eyes would go down so quickly I would have to change my glasses every 6 months.

I tried contact lenses a little over a year ago, and while I did like them, they were a bit of a hassle and not really worth the trouble of poking my eyeballs with my fingers. Also, very high risk of infection if you're not careful. Working in front of a computer a lot, too, made my eyes dry up and shrivel into prunes faster than you could say 'eyedrops'.

The only other thing left was laser eye surgery (LASIK). Glasses never really bothered me, to be honest, though they are somewhat annoying at times.

Anyway, many people had told me before to just go and look into LASIK surgery. Now that I'm older and that I've had a stable job for the last 3 years, soon to be 4, I was interested in taking a look. See if I was eligible, if they could do it, how much it would cost... etc. For those of you who have glasses and who do know about prescription values: my left eye is -9.25 and my right eye is -10.50. For those of you who do not know prescription values: those numbers are extremely high in terms of myopia, with people having over -6 being at risk of having and/or developing degenerative eye diseases (according to internet sources I've seen).

To cut the chase and get to the point:
On Saturday, December 20th, 2014, I will be getting LASIK surgery for both eyes.

This surgery will fix my severe myopia and get rid of my glasses.

I am posting this in updates for the following reasons:

* LASIK surgery makes your eyes sore, itchy/burn and very dry. I already have a prescription for special eyedrops, but for a while, they will hurt;
* I am not taking time off work for the surgery. If all goes well, besides dryness and potential slightly discomfort, I will be able to see and function relatively fine (except for no driving);
* I will have appointments the same day as the surgery (4-5 hours the day of) as well as having to return the following day on Sunday to make sure they have started healing well;
* I will have to be extremely careful with my eyes for the first 24 hours, where I can't scratch and rub them, and where I will need to wear provided sunglasses because of extra sensitivity to light;
* Christmas.

If everything goes well, the surgery will not have any bad post-operational side effects, and I will be fine besides the expected dryness and light sensitivity.

However, I can't tell just how much tolerance my eyes will have towards computer screens, lights, etc for the first few days following the surgery. After that comes Christmas, so obviously everyone is busy at that time.

Obviously, I'm crossing my fingers for 110% good results, and nothing besides dryness and sensitivity. God help me if particles get in the operation room and I get particles in my eyes afterwards. Otherwise halos are a possibility, but apparently I have large pupils, so according to the surgeon I spoke to, I've always seen halos, lol. Otherwise, possibility of scars, under/overcorrection, potential problems with my cornea during the surgery... some others. But, they gave me a nice sheet explaining the odds of some effects happening, and some of them equal the probability of me dying from getting struck by lightning, and I have I don't know how many more odds of dying in a car accident than getting post-operational side effects from laser surgery.

So good news, right? Everything should go fine. For the worrywarts out there, they did confirm no one's ever gone blind from this, hahah. So if anything, don't worry, yours truly will be back eventually.

So that is all. Just so you guys know I might be absent for a while comes next week, considering I can't foresee (what a pun ohohoho) how tolerant my eyes will be to screens and lights. Even then, I do have a desk job, so if my eyes aren't already destroyed by the evening... Yeah.

Anyway, there you have it. Fun and ironic fact, for those who remember that time when I tried contact lenses, and I compared it to having lasers in my eyes... Well, now the real thing is happening. Lol.

Wish me some good luck, and keep your fingers crossed so karma or lady luck won't come to bite me in the ass with floating particles or ugly eye scars.
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Re: [* Soon, Lasers in my Eyes (Surgery)

Postby Saahs » 12/14/2014 3:28 PM

I hope the procedure goes smoothly, Shrewd! \o/

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Re: [* Soon, Lasers in my Eyes (Surgery)

Postby Mojave » 12/14/2014 3:30 PM

Good luck Shrewdie! Hope you get that 110% success! :)

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Re: [* Soon, Lasers in my Eyes (Surgery)

Postby Baconwizard » 12/14/2014 3:50 PM

Ahhhhh that's amazing! I hope everything works out and that you have a successful surgery! Eyesight is a really rad thing, and it's great that you're getting some C:
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Re: [* Soon, Lasers in my Eyes (Surgery)

Postby Pickle » 12/14/2014 3:52 PM

Oooh, good luck Shrewdie!  I'm sure everything will go great.  Rooting for that 110% success!  We'll try not to burn anything down while you're out. ;P

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Re: [* Soon, Lasers in my Eyes (Surgery)

Postby Thunder » 12/14/2014 3:56 PM

You know I'm always thinking of you, waifu. Hope it all goes well ;w;

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Re: [* Soon, Lasers in my Eyes (Surgery)

Postby Atoli01 » 12/14/2014 4:06 PM

Good luck, Shrewd! I'm sure everything will go fine<3 It's going to be super amazing to see again without glasses or those pesky contacts. (I wish. OTL)

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Re: [* Soon, Lasers in my Eyes (Surgery)

Postby Nyxia » 12/14/2014 4:27 PM

I wish you the best of luck Shrewdy, everything should go fine.

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Re: [* Soon, Lasers in my Eyes (Surgery)

Postby zapdragon555 » 12/14/2014 4:30 PM

I hope everything goes well!! Rest your eyes lots. uvu
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Re: [* Soon, Lasers in my Eyes (Surgery)

Postby Omnisearch » 12/14/2014 5:08 PM

Hahah thank you guys. I'm excited really and not too worried, since the technology's gotten good. My mom was pissed the surgery was so fast though, lmao. I went to the pre-op appointment on December 3, and then scheduled the surgery on December 20, and she was terrified.

No one's ever gone blind though, so honestly I think the worst side-effects I could get are particles and under/overcorrection. But I know the latter is something they can fix. The former... uh... let's not think about it. Lol.

Bacon lmao, yes, seeing is pretty rad. I'm glad to be getting some of that sexy 20/20 vision. Then I can see Samael better and grope him all the more while no one's looking hohohohohoho...

Pickle, now that my waifu Thunder is part of the team, I'll be telling her to get all of you in bed before your curfew. And I'm giving her access to the whips. >v>

Hahah Atoli, I honestly haven't worn lenses in... over a year. Cause yeah they just... weren't worth it. x'D But now yeah, I will need nothing at all. I won't have to squint like an idiot every morning to see if I woke up late for work, lol. Anything beyond the tip of my nose is blurry. :'| It's really bad now, hahah. Blind as a bat here.

Waifu, ilu, keep that FB chat ready for next weekend. uvu Hahah. Speak birb to me... -breathes down your neck-

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Re: [* Soon, Lasers in my Eyes (Surgery)

Postby Middy » 12/14/2014 5:15 PM

Glad to hear you are finally getting lasik! I hope to myself someday, but yeah that is pretty rad =D

I will be rooting for you to have a perfect recovery, and the satisfaction of never wearing glasses again. Talk about a money saver in the long run!

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Re: [* Soon, Lasers in my Eyes (Surgery)

Postby Omnisearch » 12/14/2014 5:18 PM

Haaahah Middy, yeah, money was part of the decision. My glasses cost me a good $1,000 a pop now, whereas this surgery is costing me $3,900 for both eyes. :'| But that includes lifelong corrections (if my vision ever decreases again) and also a full year of appointments to check on my eyes, etc. No taxes and can also be put on my tax return, so. They also have a financing option going on where I don't need to give any down payment or pay anything until 2016; at which point I need to give the full amount in one full swipe, but yeah. No payments until 2016.

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Today I died. I was killed by
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Re: [* Soon, Lasers in my Eyes (Surgery)

Postby crow » 12/14/2014 5:20 PM

I remember you talking about this in the IRC before. Here's wishing you the best on your surgery! Hopefully everything goes well and you recover quickly/comfortably.

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Re: [* Soon, Lasers in my Eyes (Surgery)

Postby GrayGriffin » 12/14/2014 6:58 PM

Good luck, Shrewd!
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Re: [* Soon, Lasers in my Eyes (Surgery)

Postby jobiehanna » 12/14/2014 7:15 PM

Good luck with your surgery! I hope all goes well and you'll be seeing just fine in no time at all. :3

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