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.:Holiday Customs:.

Postby Kyrit » 12/22/2014 2:33 PM


The holidays are upon us, and the Secret Santa has even started. Secret Santa or no, a lot of your friends you want to gift might have customs littering their wishlists. Obviously you could buy them breedable customs and randoms right now, but what if they just want normal customs? Well, here comes the staff to save the day!

From now until January 7th you may message Kodai, Krypto, Shrewdberry, Silverin, or myself and order edit-less customs for friends. You may only buy customs if they are being sent to someone as a gift. That means let us know who the gift goes to! We'll be happy to let you send it, but we'll put their name in the pet url, so please let us know who gets the pets.

So then, how much will gift customs run you? 300 KS per custom. You can buy an unlimited number of customs, though keep in mind you can't buy them for yourself and they can't have any edits.

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