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.:The Collector's Showcase Auctions:.

Postby Kyrit » 04/01/2013 1:59 AM


In start contrast to that of Vance's elegant and quiet auction house, the interior of this vast expanse of an auction house is complete with several rooms in which there are many exclusive auctions going on. In the main auctioning room, there are several chances for seat around a fancy and well-lit stage upon which a few animal handlers parade around with the current pets being sold off to the highest bidder. Up near the front, weaving back and forth but never running into the handlers or the merchandise, is a man that looked keenly like Vance, who was directly related to the Trader Morey. In fact, from the glittering eyes and calm, almost shy posture, it seems this man was perhaps the youngest of the brothers. Odd though, you'd think that Auctioneer Vance would be the one with the larger auction houses.

The man on the stage introduces himself first before shoving right into the first auction lot. "Good evening, ladies and gents. My name is Collector Kiel and I humbly bring you some of the rarest and most sought-after pets around. Yes, my friends, these shown here are perhaps among the only ones of their kind through selective breeding, so here's your chance to become the owner of a new and special companion. Our first lot is..." And then he goes off, moving fast through the bids and scouring the whole circle of watchers for the next highest bidder.

There seem to be a scarce few seats left empty, perhaps you'd better snag one before someone else does? It also seems that these auctions are few and far between so...

[If the pets are being sold in sets, please type the 'Lot Name' and then your bid. Thank you!]

~~~*Current Pet Up For Auction*~~~


Name: Unnamed
Starting Price: 200 KS
Min increment of: 25 KS
Max increment of: 50 KS
Current Highest Bidder:
Current Highest Bid:
Lot Name: Gold
End Date: April 8th, 11:00 pm EST (23:00)
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Postby Kyrit » 04/01/2013 4:21 PM

Going to start this off with the SB on Gold.

Ohana means family.
Family means nobody gets left behind, or forgotten.
Even as a pirate, I understand that.
You, my family, are my greatest treasure .
I won't let that be stolen.

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Re: .:muffin Collector's Showcase Auctions:.

Postby Nyxia » 04/01/2013 4:57 PM

225 on Gold

Bottles smashed, I raised my hand
How can you all even stand?
And why is there joy in this poison? Oh
Faking smiles and confidence
Driving miles to capture this excitement
I can't take anymore

You're never gonna get it
I'm a hazard to myself
I'll break it to you easy
This is hell, this is hell
You're looking and whispering
You think I'm someone else
This is hell, yes
I am in hell

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Re: .:The Collector's Showcase Auctions:.

Postby Kreepy » 04/01/2013 11:51 PM

250KS on Gold. c:

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Don't wanna stop
I know you know it, I can feel it
All the tension rising up
So much it hurts
We're saying more than words

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