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.: Auction House Guidelines

Postby BaalsBaby » 09/01/2007 11:49 AM

•  Edited posts will not be accepted.
       If you bid 30 KS, and the person after you bid 40 KS, you cannot go back to your post and bid 50 KS. You have to post again. Edited bids will be voided.

• Auctions end exactly at the specified time.
       Really, this means that any bids placed at, or after, the ending time, will not be accepted! Your bid will be accepted at 10:59, but a bid at 11:00 will be void if 11:00 is the listed ending time.

• You have to expect snipers.
       When it comes to sniping, the highest bidder wins. It doesn't matter when they posted. This means that if you are the last bidder, that doesn't mean you're going to win!

• Keep in mind that special auctions may have maximum bids
       If the auction states you cannot bid more than 50 KS above the most recent bid, you can't jump the bid from 600 KS to 700 KS. So be careful! This is how we try to at least cut down on the amount of sniping.

• When you win an official auction, you may not participate in the next one.
       So make sure you really want that pet before trying to win it! Because the next auction might come up with a pet that's even prettier.

• If multiple pets are being auctioned at the same time, you may only win one of the pets
        Choose wisely. This doesn't mean that you can't bid on a different one if your bid for the other pet has been outbid though. This is to make sure that if multiple pets are up multiple people get a chance at them.
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