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Re: A Different Dimension [Possibly E] [Cita and I]

Postby Citanul » 01/27/2016 1:14 PM

It had been comforting, to know that Tal cared so much as to take her to the medical bay. Passing out was likely not good for any species though, she could really understand his concern. "I will relax, and I know Tal. Thank you." Even if he didn't know much, or knew how to read the monitors, she didn't feel too terrible. It had to be just a spell, maybe some odd reaction to the different gravity and atmosphere of the ship.

"Oh? It would be interesting to talk to someone else who has seen Earth. Perhaps they could give me some tips on adjusting to this." Even if it wouldn't be forever she did know Tal planned on keeping her for some time, with the information that there would be other bounty hunters after her. Let the trail go cold and then she could return home, wiser for the experience.
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