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.:Shrine and Restricted Trait Records and Requests:.

Postby Kodai » 03/22/2011 12:38 PM

.:About this Thread:.

This thread lists all Shrine Traits and Restricted Traits that have been granted, and provides a place for you to request Restricted Traits for your pets.

.:Things to Remember:.

* Please post all Restricted Trait requests within this thread.
* Only Restricted Traits may be requested here. You may request Shrine Traits here, provided your pet meets the stat requirement(s).
* If a request is accepted, it will be recorded, you will be PMed, and the request post will be deleted. If a request is denied, you will be PMed as to the reason why and the request post will be left on this thread so that you may edit your request as necessary.
* If you have noticed any errors in the records, please post them here as well so they may be fixed.
* This list only includes members who have previously requested and been granted Restricted Traits.
* If you receive a pet (from a trade, as a gift, etc.) that previously had a Restricted Trait granted to it, that pet does NOT keep the Trait unless you are keeping its old character. Restricted Traits are granted based on a specific vision of a particular pet; if you change the character, there is no sense in keeping the old Trait(s). Naturally, this doesn't count for Racial Restricted Traits.
*The old Restricted Trait Request thread has been moved to the Graveyard in the mod area. If you did not move your requests to this thread and would like to see the older thread for reference, please message Kodai so that she may temporarily move it here for you.

.:Request Format:.

Name of Pet - Species - Trait Being Asked For - Reason That You Believe the Pet Should Get the Trait

.:List of Restricted Traits:.

Arterial Strike
Augmented Health Recovery
Carapace Shield*
Chameleon Skin*
Damaging Strike
Deadly Precision
Elemental Swap*
Enhanced Regeneration
Final Blow
Go Ethereal
Horrific Wail
Huff and Puff
Neutralize Elements
Opportune Sneak Attack
Pollen Spores
Power Drain
Powerful Strike
Resist Death
Sonic Waves
Stone Blood
Tail Sweep*
Virulent Poison

Traits marked with * have a prerequisite that must be met in some manner before it can be granted.


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Re: Shrine and Restricted Trait Records and Requests

Postby Kodai » 03/22/2011 1:20 PM

Akuji Rin:
Jara - Noel Turkezilla - Wingstorm
Rajani - Venom Fenling - Pollen Spores
Rajani - Venom Fenling - Resist Death

Morrigan - Female Lucain - Go Ethereal
Morwena - Female Lucain - Go Ethereal
Ouji Tsume - Male Lucain - Deadly Precision

Azura Rayume:
Altair - Dusk Kuhna - Avoidance
Altair - Dusk Kuhna - Resist Death
Bit - Custom Hunter - Deadly Precision
Bruce - Cobalt Hydrolysk - Tail Sweep
Freyr Stieber - Iceberry Kuhna - Chameleon Skin
Jacob Oasterhouse - Leumoo - Powerful Strike
Jesse - Ilos - Enhanced Regeneration
Joash Stieber - Blazeberry Kuhna - Chameleon Skin
Raishuu - Saffron Werecain - Arterial Strike
Raishuu - Saffron Werecain - Balanced
Rowen - Custom Akail - Deadly Precision

Caine - Male Lucain - Arterial Strike

Code Chaos:
Azurea - Void Hollowheart - Incapacitate
Azurea - Void Hollowheart - Power Sap
Rae Itone - Blood Hollowheart - Arterial Strike

Rhodes - Myu Reaper - Avoidance
Rhodes - Myu Reaper - Horrific Wail
Rhodes - Myu Reaper - Weaken
Sivain - Nago Paragon - Arterial Strike
Sivain - Nago Paragon - Powerful Strike
Sivain - Nago Paragon - Final Blow

Faye Labri - Khimera - Stoneblood
Iandr - Primal Paragon - Damaging Strike
Iandr - Primal Paragon - Wingstorm
Idzuna - Temple Fellox - Deadly Precision
Oimohe - Custom Moonling - Arterial Strike
Oimohe - Custom Moonling - Final Blow
Oimohe - Custom Moonling - Opportune Sneak Attack
Rukaj - Custom Lucain - Deadly Precision
Taima - Imperial Magistrey - Chance Hit
Taxikoth - Alonia Shimin - Arterial Strike
Taxikoth - Alonia Shimin - Damaging Strike
Taxikoth - Alonia Shimin - Deadly Precision

Mirage - Lucain - Stone Blood

Balikrag - Avalanche Panzer - Damaging Strike
Balikrag - Avalanche Panzer - Enhanced Regeneration
Hero - Ryoklein Kuhna - Diehard

Anonomastos - Custom Fellox - Elemental Swap
Anonomastos - Custom Fellox - Go Ethereal
Flinch - Male Lucain - Avoidance
Oath - Organic Chimerantula - Pollen Spores
Odyne Tulasi Typhon - Ambia Paragon - Horrific Wail
Odyne Tulasi Typhon - Ambia Paragon - Virulent Poison
Princess Gaia - Ambia Paragon - Augmented Health Recovery

Jason - Clockwork Hollowheart - Enhanced Regeneration
Robina Darkwyn - Carapace Paragon - Neutralize Elements
Scarlett Baines - Infantry Kuhna - Resist Death

Annabell Shay - Female Lucain - Sonic Waves
Matthew Smith - Khimera - Tail Sweep

Abram - Male Lucain - Arterial Strike
Abram - Male Lucain - Powerful Strike
Chayah Skirata - Female Lucain - Snatch
Master Jag Rajpuur - Male Lucain - Deadly Precision
Master Jag Rajpuur - Male Lucain - Final Blow
Ruach Skirata - Female Lucain - Snatch

Acai - Berry Kuhna - Augmented Health Recovery
Acai - Berry Kuhna - Weaken

Kitsumi Mahon:
I'lanae - Female Lucain – Deadly Precision

Гриша - Luxard - Damaging Strike
Гриша - Luxard - Final Blow
Гриша - Luxard - Powerful Strike
Julian - Imeut - Go Ethereal
Lyall - Chaos Batti - Arterial Strike
Синяк - Lusikross - Avoidance
Синяк - Lusikross - Deadly Precision
Синяк - Lusikross - Opportune Sneak Attack

Charge - Khimera - Deadly Precision
Mary 'Yelizaveta' Jane - Custom Sauria Battleheart - Elusive Foe
Mary 'Yelizaveta' Jane - Custom Sauria Battleheart - Stone Blood
Mary 'Yelizaveta' Jane - Custom Sauria Battleheart - Tail Sweep
Max - Mekkayena - Go Ethereal
Max - Mekkayena - Stone Blood

Mousen Heath:
Aimee - Hydrokhuna - Go Ethereal
Mitzy - Cupid Tricky - Go Ethereal

Allison - Nightwalker Kuhna - Stone Blood

Rainbowfox Ari:
Darian - Custom Lucain - Arterial Strike

Ara - Female Lucain - Go Ethereal
Bell - Slate Stargoyle - Arterial Strike
Bell - Slate Stargoyle - Powerful Strike
Bell - Slate Stargoyle - Stone Blood
Bloodlust - Blood Hollowheart  - Arterial Strike
Cinura - Black Baal Dragony - Arterial Strike
Curse - Malice Wyrm - Go Ethereal
Heights - Voltage Carpetfang - Damaging Strike
Heights - Voltage Carpetfang - Go Ethereal
Leer - Clockwork Bleeder - Damaging Strike
Leer - Clockwork Bleeder - Stoneblood
Nakal - Xing Yun - Arterial Strike
Puppetmaster - Glacial Werecain - Arterial Strike
Puppetmaster - Glacial Werecain - Go Ethereal
Ravustrauxa "Raven" - Female Lucain - Avoidance
Skettis - Paragon - Arterial Strike

Shetan - Blaze Penticorn - Diehard
Sogekihei - Primal Paragon - Diehard

Sharpclaw - Biolune Serraptor - Avoidance
Sharpclaw - Biolune Serraptor - Opportune Sneak Attack
Fox - Common Draculi - Arterial Strike
Fox - Common Draculi - Balanced
Fox - Common Draculi - Deadly Precision
Wolf - Chaos Draculi - Arterial Strike

Salasnare - Cursed Gorgeel - Go Ethereal

Krona - Dreamsnare Battleheart - Powerful Strike

Shadowsoul - Khimera - Tail Sweep

Aderu - Custom Fellox - Arterial Strike
Ailys - Custom Placid Paragon - Powerful Strike
Ares - Custom Fellox - Avoidance
Ares - Custom Fellox - Deadly Precision
Ares - Custom Fellox - Damaging Strike
Ares - Custom Fellox - Sonic Waves
Aurora - Bred Lucain - Go Ethereal
Bentner - Custom Fellox - Avoidance
Bentner - Custom Fellox - Powerful Strike
Bentner - Custom Fellox - Elusive Foe
Borealis - Khimera - Go Ethereal
Canan - Custom Fellox - Avoidance
Canan - Custom Fellox - Balanced
Canan - Custom Fellox - Resist Death
Chaotic - Custom Fellox - Sonic Waves
Curare - Custom Fellox - Avoidance
Curare - Custom Fellox - Deadly Precision
Curare - Custom Fellox - Virulent Poison
Dalziel - Custom Fellox - Damaging Strike
Diadora - Custom Fellox - Avoidance
Diadora - Custom Fellox - Opportune Sneak Attack
Dio - Custom Fellox - Avoidance
Dio - Custom Fellox - Damaging Strike
Dyugra - Custom Fellox - Damaging Strike
Eliza - Custom Fellox - Deadly Precision
Ena - Custom Fellox - Powerful Strike
Fugue - Custom Fellox - Arterial Strike
Fugue - Custom Fellox - Damaging Strike
Gema - Custom Fellox - Opportune Sneak Attack
Gemas - Custom Fellox - Damaging Strike
Gemas - Custom Fellox - Final Blow
Gemas - Custom Fellox - Resist Death
Gordon - Custom Fellox - Powerful Strike
Haephnes - Custom Fellox - Go Ethereal
Hakai - Custom Lucain - Damaging Strike
Hakai - Custom Lucain - Diehard
Khorshed - Custom Taosig - Deadly Precision
Luna - Custom Fellox - Damaging Strike
Minahana - Custom Fellox - Deadly Precision
Minerva - Mirage Fellox - Damaging Strike
Morwena - Custom Fellox - Avoidance
Morwena - Custom Fellox - Damaging Strike
Morwena - Custom Fellox - Horrific Wail
Morwena - Custom Fellox - Sonic Waves
Morwena - Custom Fellox - Elusive Foe
Morwena - Custom Fellox - Damage Substitute
Rak'ard - Bred Lucain - Damaging Strike
Rak'ard - Bred Lucain - Diehard
Rosalind - Custom Fellox - Damaging Strike
Rosalind - Custom Fellox - Final Blow
Rosalind - Custom Fellox - Resist Death
Ruby - Custom Fellox - Arterial Strike
Sarbar - Custom Fellox - Damaging Strike
Sarbar - Custom Fellox - Diehard
Shinonome - Custom Fellox - Arterial Strike
Shinonome - Custom Fellox - Avoidance
Shinonome - Custom Fellox - Damaging Strike
Shinonome - Custom Fellox - Deadly Precision
Simeya - Custom Fellox - Avoidance
Simeya - Custom Fellox - Balanced
Simeya - Custom Fellox - Opportune Sneak Attack
Simeya - Custom Fellox - Resist Death
Sofia - Custom Fellox - Sonic Waves
Soren - Custom Fellox - Avoidance
Soren - Custom Fellox - Powerful Strike
Yukiko - Custom Fellox - Augment Healing
Yukiko - Custom Fellox - Damaging Strike
Zeo - Custom Fellox - Damaging Strike

Alastor - Nonaga - Arterial Strike
Alastor - Nonaga - Damaging Strike
Alcivar - Biolune Rollaby - Avoidance
Alcivar - Biolune Rollaby - Balanced
Alcivar - Biolune Rollaby - Damaging Strike
Alcivar - Biolune Rollaby - Diehard
Director - Clockwork Fellox - Damaging Strike
Driscoll - Male Lucain - Damaging Strike
Hector - Avalanche Panzer - Damaging Strike
Hector - Avalanche Panzer - Deadly Precision
Jezebel - Female Paragon - Arterial Strike
Jezebel - Female Paragon - Damaging Strike
Malvolia - Custom Lykuhna - Arterial Strike
Malvolia - Custom Lykuhna - Damaging Strike
Malvolia - Custom Lykuhna - Diehard
Sanacharibos - Male Paragon - Damaging Strike
Sanacharibos - Male Paragon - Powerful Strike
Senervel - Custom Lucain - Avoidance
Senervel - Custom Lucain - Damaging Strike
Walter - Avia Kuhna - Avoidance

Echo - Female Lucain - Resist Death

James T. Kirk - Male Lucain - Powerful Strike
Lokiri - Male Lucain - Neutralize Elements
Spock - Male Lucain - Deadly Precision

Shoto - Palowockee - Avoidance
Shoto - Palowockee - Deadly Precision
Shoto - Palowockee - Final Blow

Ace - Saffron Yonyuu - Avoidance
Adey - Jewel Garudor - Diehard
Adriel - Male Lucain - Deadly Precision
Armatas - Bred Male Lucain - Dieheard
Armatas - Bred Male Lucain - Final Blow
Azrael - Trikundra - Final Blow
Belladonna - Female Lucain - Virulent Poison
Dark Pit - Custom Windgill Paragon - Opportune Sneak Attack
Dave Strider - Custom Corbine - Avoidance
Devoc - Space-rend Radill - Avoidance
Devoc - Space-rend Radill - Constrict
Devoc - Space-rend Radill - Tail Sweep
Flora - Female Lucain - Pollen Spores
Geyser - Male Lucain - Powerful Strike
Gizmo - Male Lucain - Deadly Precision
Hades - Custom Nago Paragon - Resist Death
Hades - Custom Nago Paragon - Enhanced Regeneration
Hawk - Custom Sygriff - Wingstorm
Mira - Purine Rexxel - Balanced
Nacht - Grim Paragon - Power Drain
Naoya - Custom Tengumi - Neutralize Elements
Naoya - Custom Tengumi - Power Drain
Paryth - Temple Hollowheart - Snatch
Ridge - Chaos Serraptor - Berserker
Ridge - Chaos Serraptor - Arterial Strike
Ridge - Chaos Serraptor - Diehard
Ryuu - Lavamancer Paragon - Arterial Strike
Ryuu- Lavamancer Paragon- Diehard
Ryuu - Lavamancer Paragon - Final Blow
Sayashin - Female Lucain - Arterial Strike
Sayashin - Female Lucain - Deadly Precision
Sayashin - Female Lucain - Incapacitate
Scorch - Lavamancer Paragon - Elemental Swap
Sigma - Female Lucain - Deadly Precision
Souseiou - Fallen Luhna - Deadly Precision
Tai - Male Lucain - Damaging Strike
Tara - Ambia Paragon - Balanced
Tsugun - Voidbringer Paragon - Powerful Strike
Vell - Windgill Paragon - Balanced
Viridian - Arkuhna - Diehard
Zears - Purine - Stubborn Ferocity

Clone - Custom Meji - Avoidance
Croquet - Male Lucain - Deadly Precision
Croquet - Male Lucain - Final Blow
Croquet - Male Lucain - Powerful Strike
Demaster - Elder Kuhna - Go Ethereal
Haruka - Windgill Paragon - Augmented Health Recovery
Haruka - Windgill Paragon - Avoidance
Haruka - Windgill Paragon - Balanced
Haruka - Windgill Paragon - Chameleon Skin
Haruka - Windgill Paragon - Deadly Precision
Haruka - Windgill Paragon - Enhanced Regeneration
Haruka - Windgill Paragon - Opportune Sneak Attack
Haruka - Windgill Paragon - Resist Death
Haruka - Windgill Paragon - Stone Blood
Haruka - Windgill Paragon - Weaken
Hikari - Fairy Paragon - Augmented Health Recovery
Hikari - Fairy Paragon - Avoidance
Hikari - Fairy Paragon - Balanced
Hikari - Fairy Paragon - Chameleon Skin
Hikari - Fairy Paragon - Deadly Precision
Hikari - Fairy Paragon - Enhanced Regeneration
Hikari - Fairy Paragon - Opportune Sneak Attack
Hikari - Fairy Paragon - Resist Death
Hikari - Fairy Paragon - Stone Blood
Hikari - Fairy Paragon - Weaken
Himea - Fairy Paragon - Augmented Health Recovery
Himea - Fairy Paragon - Avoidance
Himea - Fairy Paragon - Balanced
Himea - Fairy Paragon - Chameleon Skin
Himea - Fairy Paragon - Deadly Precision
Himea - Fairy Paragon - Enhanced Regeneration
Himea - Fairy Paragon - Opportune Sneak Attack
Himea - Fairy Paragon - Resist Death
Himea - Fairy Paragon - Stone Blood
Himea - Fairy Paragon - Weaken
Incruente - Male Lucain - Arterial Strike
Jaenelle - Elder Kuhna - Go Ethereal
Karkaine - Male Lucain - Arterial Strike
Karkaine - Male Lucain - Constrict
Karkaine - Male Lucain - Damaging Strike
Karkaine - Male Lucain -Deadly Precision
Karkaine - Male Lucain - Final Blow
Kemiai - Female Lucain - Arterial Strike
Kishu - Black Baal Dragony - Neurotoxin
Kishu - Black Baal Dragony - Virulent Poison
Lolita - Fairy Paragon - Augmented Health Recovery
Lolita - Fairy Paragon - Avoidance
Lolita - Fairy Paragon - Balanced
Lolita - Fairy Paragon - Chameleon Skin
Lolita - Fairy Paragon - Deadly Precision
Lolita - Fairy Paragon - Enhanced Regeneration
Lolita - Fairy Paragon - Opportune Sneak Attack
Lolita - Fairy Paragon - Resist Death
Lolita - Fairy Paragon - Stone Blood
Lolita - Fairy Paragon - Weaken
Meikyuu - Fairy Paragon - Arterial Strike
Meikyuu - Fairy Paragon - Augmented Health Recovery
Meikyuu - Fairy Paragon - Avoidance
Meikyuu - Fairy Paragon - Balanced
Meikyuu - Fairy Paragon - Chameleon Skin
Meikyuu - Fairy Paragon - Deadly Precision
Meikyuu - Fairy Paragon - Elemental Swap
Meikyuu - Fairy Paragon - Enhanced Regeneration
Meikyuu - Fairy Paragon - Opportune Sneak Attack
Meikyuu - Fairy Paragon - Resist Death
Meikyuu - Fairy Paragon - Stone Blood
Meikyuu - Fairy Paragon - Weaken
Strages - Male Lucain - Arterial Strike
Vatic - Custom Sabbit - Avoidance
Zelosis - Male Lucain - Arterial Strike
Zelosis - Male Lucain - Damaging Strike
Zelosis - Male Lucain - Deadly Precision
Zelosis - Male Lucain - Diehard
Zelosis - Male Lucain - Final Blow
Zelosis - Male Lucain - Stone Blood

Clemency - Random Khimera - Arterial Strike

Acerbus Magus - Nonaga - Diehard
Animus - Custom Kuhna - Go Ethereal
Cruor - Nightwalker Kuhna - Opportune Sneak Attack
Dahaka - Sandshark Paragon - Opportune Sneak Attack
Malum Angelus - Male Lucain - Damaging Strike
Malum Angelus - Male Lucain - Diehard
Malum Angelus - Male Lucain - Final Blow
Nisura - Battlefield Fellox - Powerful Strike
Tiamat - Translucent Kuhna - Powerful Strike
Tynan - Emowockee - Opportune Sneak Attack
Viscus Vermis - Custom Magrub - Arterial Strike

Cyril Pearcival - Custom Lucain - Arterial Strike
Cyril Pearcival - Custom Lucain - Damaging Strike
Quentin Lesauvage - Rose Nemuwit - Enhanced Regeneration
Quentin Lesauvage - Rose Nemuwit - Virulent Poison
Ryokucha Sencha - Custom Lusikross - Enhanced Regeneration
Zacharie - Voidbringer Paragon - Damaging Strike
Zacharie - Voidbringer Paragon - Deadly Precision


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Re: .:Shrine and Restricted Trait Records and Requests:.

Postby Zheris Altradi » 09/07/2012 8:57 PM

Syder - Wood Rouge - Opportune Sneak Attack - Reason That You Believe the Pet Should Get the Trait:

Wood Rouge. As a swift, stealthy, nimble and deadly assassin-like pet, it almost seems to be tailor-fit to get a sneak attack. In the woods, it would have no issue vanishing from sight, it has other ways of vanishing too. The thick pollen haze Wood Rouges can release. He could also vanish into the dark of night.

(A description of the species as a whole that doesn't quite fit what the site says -- tell me more about Syder's personal battle strategies?)
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Re: .:Shrine and Restricted Trait Records and Requests:.

Postby RiDragon » 01/01/2015 3:18 PM

Sharpclaw - Biolune Serraptor - Avoidance, Opportune Sneak Attack, Enhanced Regeneration -
For the first two, Sharpclaw is a very quick and a very dirty fighter.  She is constantly moving and constantly alert for attacks.  I like to picture her as a very quick and evasive, but very offensively weak fighter.  She is able to dodge and do quick hits, but when hit hard she goes down fast, thus, she needs abilities to avoid and to sneak so that she can handle being in battle longer.

As for the last ability, Enhanced Regeneration, I feel this fits her because she is Biolune, which is described as being a plant/fungi hybrid of the creature it is.  Fungi and plants can regenerate fairly fast, so I believe it fits her to have her able to regenerate also.

[ Avoidance and Opportune Sneak Attack granted.
For Enhanced Regeneration, the Biolune pets are only part fungi/plant; perhaps Regeneration would fit better and be more likely? ]

I'd also like

Fox - Common Draculi - Arterial Strike, Balanced, Deadly Precision
Fox works for a mysterious organisation that is said to spy on the public for their own benefits.  Fox would have training from this organisation in intense fighting moves so that he can incapacitate anyone who would ruin their missions.  He most likely was trained since he was a cub, and knows a lot about where and how to strike and how to be balanced.

[ Arterial Strike, Balanced and Deadly Precision granted. ]

Wolf - Chaos Draculi - Arterial Strike
Wolf is evil, plain and simple.  He wishes to do as much damage as possible, and thus would probably have learned this attack in the past.  He is an ex member of the same faction Fox was in, and would probably have been extensively trained in these kind of attacks.

[ Arterial Strike granted. ]

For Enhanced Regeneration, the Biolune pets are only part fungi/plant; perhaps Regeneration would fit better and be more likely?

Okay, you're totally right about Sharpclaw being only part Fungi.  I'll switch my request to just regeneration rather than enhanced regeneration.  ... Is this post too old to edit?  I only just realized that part was denied, I left the site suddenly a while ago aha.

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Re: .:Shrine and Restricted Trait Records and Requests:.

Postby Thunder » 08/09/2015 10:34 PM

Dark Pit - Windgill Paragon - Opportune Sneak Attack
Dark Pit isn't afraid to play dirty. He fights to win and isn't beyond using sneak attacks; he wouldn't even be afraid to attack a temporary ally the moment he feels the alliance has ended. Canonically, in the game his character comes from, he roundhouse kicks his "twin" out of nowhere right after they finish defeating a boss together.

[ Opportune Sneak Attack granted. ]

Hades - Nago Paragon - Resist Death
Hades is the god of the Underworld. From the same game as above, he canonically cannot really die, as his soul is capable of living on even without a physical body to inhabit. He's also extremely hard to defeat in the first place and was only felled after the hero of the game acquires a sacred, super powered mech to fight him with.

[ Resist Death granted. ]

Hades - Nago Paragon - Enhanced Regeneration
As a god, Hades can regenerate injuries extremely quickly, even able to go as far as restoring missing limbs. It's part of why he's so hard to defeat, as his whole entire body needs to take massive damage before he is truly defeated.

[ Enhanced Regeneration granted. ]

Armatas - Bred Lucain - Diehard
Armatas is extremely stubborn in both personality and battle. When he lost his eye years ago, he hanged on long enough to kill the assassin that took it. He's very proud of his abilities and will refuse to go down easily. Anger fuels him as well.

[ Diehard granted. ]

Armatas - Bred Lucain - Final Blow
Armatas is ruthless and doesn't show his opponents (or people he dislikes) any mercy. Once they're on their last legs, he's bound to drive his sword where it hurts and finish the battle once and for all. His nickname, "The Blazing Lord of Telos", comes from the fact that he blazes through enemy forces during war.

[ Final Blow granted. ]

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Re: .:Shrine and Restricted Trait Records and Requests:.

Postby Omnisearch » 08/30/2015 10:50 PM

Senervel - Custom Lucain - Avoidance
Senervel is a serial killer. While being in the shadows and making sure no one tracks you down is one thing he's good at, fact remains that he can't avoid getting into physical fights at times. He's gotta be accurate and stealthy if he wants to survive as a serial killer, so being able to move and avoid attacks is imperative for him. If he didn't have a talent for that, he wouldn't last long as a killer. With the reputation he's got and the people he's killed so far, he's got a certain talent in staying alive.


Senervel - Custom Lucain - Damaging Strike
See the above; Senervel is a killer, and dealing a bit of damage repeatedly won't get his victims killed. He needs to be quick, precise, and also deadly. Dealing strong attacks is the best way to get rid of your enemy, and considering he's killed a number of humans and pets alike, he's starting to learn where the weak points of the body are; allowing him to deal more damage.


Alcivar - Biolune Rollaby - Avoidance
Alcivar is a fighter at heart. She's feisty, she's energetic, she's got a burning passion for the sport. Being a Rollaby, and aiming to win at all costs, she uses side-step strategies. She's always on the move, watching her opponents and waiting for the right moment to strike. She's the type to avoid and then strike you hard when you miss.


Alcivar - Biolune Rollaby - Balanced
See above; Alcivar is a fighter, and she's based on the concept of a boxer. So she practices avoiding blows and delivering blows; that being said, when she does get hit, she has to keep her ground. If she falls, it could be end of the fight for her. She trains to handle blows just as much as she trains to stay active, so she can be ready to take it if someone does manage to hit her.


Alcivar - Biolune Rollaby - Damaging Strike
See above; being that Alcivar is like a boxer/fighter, she aims for K.Os. You don't get K.Os by tapping your enemy on the shoulder and waiting till they drop. You hit them in the face, and you hit them hard. As a character, Alcivar is a tough, sassy, aggressive Rollaby; she won't hesitate to deck you in the face if she sees an opening.


Alcivar - Biolune Rollaby - Diehard
See above; Alcivar grew up in a troubled neighbourhood, and she got in trouble more than once. She's become better over the years, but she's been in jail before because she just doesn't know when to quit. Even having suffered the consequences of fighting or hurting others, she still does it and she still aims to become better at the sport; although in a bit more righteous way. Sort of. Anyway, she's a tough one, and she's not a quitter. She's the type to fight until her last breath; as they say, she won't go down so easily, or without a fight. Even if all she can do is trip her enemy by grabbing onto their legs; she won't give up.


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Re: .:Shrine and Restricted Trait Records and Requests:.

Postby RiDragon » 02/02/2017 12:42 AM

Cassandra - Battleheart - Tail Sweep - Cassandra has a long thick tail similar to an ankylosaurus.  Like an ankylosaurus and she is smart enough to be able to do damage with it.  She is larger than most of her species, with the trait hulking figure, and I imagine that her large figure would help her tail do a lot of damage by sweeping foes off their feet.

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Re: .:Shrine and Restricted Trait Records and Requests:.

Postby Kylo » 04/18/2017 3:40 PM

Fox - Blaze Fenling - Arterial Strike – Fox is a trained assassin with enough medical knowledge relating to the body's weak points to be able to deal fatal or near fatal blows.

Fox - Blaze Fenling - Avoidance – Fox is from the Dishonored universe and has the ability called transverse which allows him to temporarily stop time and teleport himself to a nearby location, thus allowing him to move quickly to avoid attacks.

Daud - Bred Lucain - Arterial Strike - Daud is the leader of a group of trained assassins and is an assassin himself. He would know how to strike weak points in the body to cause fatalities.

Daud - Bred Lucain - Avoidance - Daud also is from the Dishonored universe and has the ability transverse as well.

My whole existence is flawed
You get me closer to god
You can have my isolation, you can have the hate that it brings
You can have my absence of faith, you can have my everything
Help me tear down my reason, help me it's your sex I can smell
Help me you make me perfect, help me become somebody else

Through every forest, above the trees
Within my stomach, scraped off my knees
I drink the honey inside your hive
You are the reason I stay alive

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Re: .:Shrine and Restricted Trait Records and Requests:.

Postby FieldsofIris » 05/20/2017 10:46 PM

[Sorry there are so many! ><'']

Mya - Rising Suncheeka - Arterial Strike - Besides being a physically tough bounty hunter, Mya was held prisoner for years in a gladiator-style arena. She learned to fight, and fight well. She's also a quick learner, so she could find what kinds of hits work better than other kinds.

Mya - Rising Suncheeka - Damaging Strike - [See above]; Mya also tends to fall back on her second nature in the arena when in a state of anger or fear. It is similar to an adrenaline rush.

Mya - Rising Suncheeka - Powerful Strike - [See above]; Mya's physical strength is above average because of both her time in the arena, as well as her consistent training regiment for bounty hunting.

Mya - Rising Suncheeka - Avoidance - Due to her battle experience in the gladiator-style arena she was held prisoner in, Mya has learned the art of fighting, as well as dodging. It all has become subconscious to her. Due to her enhanced hearing, she also able to hear enemies/obstacles out of her line of sight.

Ophelia - Sun Leawolf - Augmented Health Recovery - Ophelia spent 3 years dedicated to medical and defensive arts training alone to be useful in the field. Even during her combat training, she would take care of others' injuries.

Ophelia - Sun Leawolf - Neutralize Elements - Ophelia has intricate knowledge of magicks and nature due to her many years as an immortal. Until joining the Purine forces, her only passion was learning everything she could about the world around her, and she was especially fascinated by elemental power.

Ophelia - Sun Leawolf - Deadly Precision - [See above]; Ophelia is well-versed in the layout of the body due to her medical training, allowing her to easily identify weak spots and target points. Her combat training also allowed her to become elite in point-specific attacks.

Ophelia - Sun Leawolf - Opportune Sneak Attack - [See above]; Ophelia isn't overly muscular, but she has the stature of a track-style athlete due to her training. Because she doesn't specialize in hand-to-hand combat, she would have focused most of her combat on quick and deadly attacks. She is also quick and quiet, which boosts her sneaking abilities in the field.

Ophelia - Sun Leawolf - Resist Death - As an immortal soul who has lived many lifetimes, Ophelia has experienced many brushes with death. She has also found a renewed and intense will to live in the Purine cause.

i was a billion little pieces
’til you pulled me into focus.
astronomy in reverse,
it was me who was discovered.

Venus - Sleeping at Last

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