There are some documents that you just don't want getting lost. You might need a mod to be able to see them one day. Breeding records, documentation of where you'd like your pets to go if you leave forever, ect. Only one thread is allowed per person, but with proper indexing of posts many important documents can be put in one place.

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.:Uses of this Area:.

Postby Kyrit » 05/08/2011 4:20 PM

Within the journals many things can get lost if you post some important things between a lot of daily life. This section was created originally to house wills, but has been given multiple purpose. Though we do not require any specific set-up for your thread, we do request that you only post things within this area that you think might be useful to us mods at some point, such as breeding records. Do not just use this area as another journal. Below are the typical uses of this area as well as a few suggestions for use.


For those that do not know what a will is, in real life they are usually made in case something happens and you die so that you know where your belonging go to. On Evelon your will isn't so much for if you die physically, but if you ever wish to leave Evelon some day but want your pets to go to certain people. It is optional, and the only other way your pets will be given away would be if you were banned. If a user is banned and has no will it will be up to mods and admins to decide how their pets will be used, such as redistributed through an auction or contest. We will not just assume that since you have not been on in say, three months, that you no longer wish to own them since then you might come back to having nothing.

Exactly how you set up your will(if you set one up) is completely up to you. Maybe you want to just list each pet individually and the person they go to next to the pet, or maybe you want to make your list by user and just put which pets would go to them under the user. Once again, this is completely up to you on how you would like to set it up.

The two main things that you need to know would be:

- Every user's will gets its own topic. You do not need to post in another user's topic.
- There are a few options for activation of wills, the likes of which are listed here:
1.) A user is banned.
2.) A user announces publicly on the forums(In the Hellos/Goodbyes, Gossip and Chatter, or in their actual will) that they are leaving forever.
3.) A user does not want to deal with much emotional drama and messages one of the mods that they are leaving forever.

Breeding Records

Breeding Records refer to the amount of breedings you have accomplished, either by yourself or with partners. Those records, while seemingly obsolete, are your passport to upgrading your breeding licenses. As you gain ranks — calculated by the total amount of bred offspring — you will eventually gain the privilege of owning a Trading Outpost. Obtaining a license of the A Rank in a specific breed will also earn you 1000KS along with a Kuhna of your choosing (Kuhna A), a custom Lucain (Lucain A), and a custom Paragon (Paragon A).
For more information on licenses and ranks, you can refer to the License Building.

It is up to the user to set up their Breeding Records however they want. For the Staff, all we need to know is the total amount of bred offspring per breedable species. It would be helpful for us to put a checkmark or a countdown of your total offspring to help, but that is only an option. You may set up your records however you like!
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