There are some documents that you just don't want getting lost. You might need a mod to be able to see them one day. Breeding records, documentation of where you'd like your pets to go if you leave forever, ect. Only one thread is allowed per person, but with proper indexing of posts many important documents can be put in one place.

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Evelon Will (Effective Immediately)

Postby NatureGirl » 04/14/2017 8:36 PM

My Will is the only thing that will be in this thread. Mods, if there are any pets I actually do not own anymore, please ignore them on the list. But for everything else,

To go to the Equal Pet Exchange:
Sun Learf
Bleached Ferrikoon
Marble Stargoyle
Candy Kitrell
Graffiti Albie
Myu Reaper
Cupid Tricky
Obsidian Hisper
Winter Evercold
Kawaida Batti
Fuyuzakura Shinzo
Verdure Yonyuu
Bleached Tali
Blackberry Slikey
Treasure Fenling
Rabbot OP1
Night Mr. Wilson
Pumpkin Teigu

If you can, do a giveaway or  something? If not, these can go to the Equal Pet Exchange, too:
Sulkhuna --> Oro (Elektra's Sulkuhna) and Kualita (Millie's Heartless)
Sightless Kuhna --> (Aiden x Evangeline)
Candy Apple Kuhna
Trikuhna (Etony x Damien)
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