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Re: ~*Side Story: The Mysterious Monster [Phase II]*~

Postby crow » 09/25/2016 11:13 PM

He was a sucker for punishment, that's what he was. He'd already died at the beast's hands--- though perhaps 'jaws' would have been more apt, given the specifics, but the war was a strange place, wasn't it? Death had never been so cheap. Sivain found himself whole and hale again, almost before he'd had the chance to register what happened.

It would have done him more good to look for some other kind of job, but things were slow on the front these days, maybe because people were fretting about the giant rampaging monster. And money was money, whatever Rhodes might have to say about it. He scribbled his name down on the list, his hand trembling a little--- from drinks, he thought. Best sober up before he went to battle again, much good as it would do him.

Name: Sivain
Color/Species: Custom Nago Paragon
Gender: Male
Size: L
Level: 52
AP: 60
Diet: Carnivore
Element: None
Offense: 81
Defense: 75
Precision: 50
Endurance: 98
Speed: 82
Battle Traits:
  -First Initiative
  -Wing Buffet
  -Resist Death
  -Final Blow
  -Powerful Strike
  -Arterial Strike
  -Powerful Jaws
  -Extended Claws
  -Combat Endurance

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Re: ~*Side Story: The Mysterious Monster [Phase II]*~

Postby MillietheWarrior » 12/21/2016 1:28 AM

Naasade walked purposefully towards her destination, ears up and alert, chains jingling softly with each step. Just behind and beside her, Charge was pacing nervously, head lowered as he watched his mentor stride without fear to sign up for what he believed to be certain death. "Come now, young one," Naasade chided, glancing out of the corner of one glowing, blue eye. "Don't look so grim. Even if I do die, it won't be forever. You know that we have been blessed...for the time being."

Charge gritted his teeth, giving a shake of his massive, metal head. "Don't be so blase about your own death, Naasade. You and I both know you are absolutely going to die. That...thing is going to kill you, and I doubt you'll even put a dent in it. This is a waste of time."

Naasade shook her head. "It is not a waste. What would I learn from winning against this creature? Far less than I would by losing, I assure you. And I know this is frustrating for you, the idea of me dying. And I know you are afraid. But don't worry..." Her smile did little to reassure the younger Khimera, as she walked off and left him standing alone in the field.

"Your turn is coming soon enough."

Name: Naasade
Color/Species: Khimera
Gender: Female
Size: M
Level: 30
AP: 40
Diet: Carnivore
Element: Metal/Acid
Offense: 38
Defense: 46
Precision: 33
Endurance: 87
Speed:  45
Battle Traits:
- Blade
- Metal Plating
- Pursuit
- Poison Immunity
- Horrific Moan
- Lunge
- Tough Hide
- Veteran Mind
- Dodge
- AI
- Extended claws

I love adventurous tales like that. That uplifting feeling that comes from seeing unknown lands and the knowledge that you came across—nothing can replace it! It opens a path from which self-confidence, experience, and important friendships—from the sharing of life or death situations—are born! But hearing it just isn’t the same. I want to create my own magnificent story!

A great adventure!

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Re: ~*Side Story: The Mysterious Monster [Phase II]*~

Postby Thunder » 03/24/2017 4:20 AM

For a long while, there was no news from the battlefield. The soldiers staying at the Murder Investigations Alliance headquarters started to grow nervous, wondering what on earth could be happening in the monster's lair. There were whispers on the wind of valiant braves challenging the beast, falling, and then fighting again once the power of the gods revived them, but no clear sign that they were about to prevail. But then one day, the news changed.

Over the horizon, a throng of troops and soldiers on horseback appeared. Those who saw it called out, and gradually, a whole mass of Imperials and Purines trickled out of their barracks to meet the group, weapons at hand in case it was an attack. But as the mysterious group came closer, the sight of red and blue flags waving over it grew clearer, with each flag bearing the crest of one side of the army. People began dropping their weapons. Could it be...?

They rushed forth to meet their incoming comrades. Now they could see Commanders Aeroneus and Branwyn marching at the front of the group with proud smiles on their faces. "Friends!" Branwyn bellowed from afar. "We've done it! The monster is dead, and we shall fear no more!"

A victorious roar filled the air, so loud one could hear it miles away. The two groups dashed to meet each other, and when they collided, the soldiers embraced, laughing until they couldn't breathe and crying until their tears ran dry. Red armor hugged blue, and blue armor hugged red. Even strangers who had never met reached out for one another and gave hearty congratulations.

Eventually, the hubbub died down enough for Aeroneus and Branwyn to gather everyone by the headquarters. Standing in front of the entire alliance, they looked over the crowd and smiled once more. "Friends," Aeroneus began, "what we accomplished today may have seemed like a miracle. Perhaps in some ways it was, with the will of the gods on our side, but more than that, we have the strength and resolve of our comrades in arms to thank. So many brave people risked their lives to come together and defeat this creature. You have all played important roles in the process, and from the bottom of our hearts, Branwyn and I would like to thank you. As for those who stepped above and beyond the call of duty, we would like to bestow these medals of honor."

Aeroneus produced three shining medals from the satchel hanging by his side. "When we call your names," he said, "please come up to receive your rewards."

"The Proof of Resilience goes to zapdragon555 and her allies Sencha and Cyril Percival."

"The Proof of Strength goes to Mojave and her ally Tarot."

"Last but not least, the Proof of Valor goes to crow and her ally Sivian."

"We have already moved to provide you with the BP and barracks space that come with these valiant achievements. As for those of you who were willing to take on the monster but did not get a chance to do so, we have rewarded you 10 BP as thanks for volunteering. I've said this already, but I'll say it again--I am extremely proud of you all. This is a day I will never forget in the rest of my years as a commander."

Aeroneus paused and tilted his head. "Now, who's ready for a celebratory feast?"

"Cower. Worship. Beg. They're all valid reactions."

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