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.:Free the Captive!:.

Postby Kyrit » 11/03/2017 9:50 PM

Captain Fanus was fighting hard, but the Imperial soldiers seemed to have him on the defensive. At this rate, the objective of freeing the prisoner didn't seem possible. Perhaps though, if the Purines were able to take out the captain guarding the interrogation center it would give Fanus the chance he needed to finally break her free. They simply needed to take out the target.

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Postby Kyrit » 11/03/2017 9:51 PM

How to Participate


* Combatants must be a registered Purines and must be registered in the barracks.

* Before they can engage the interrogation commander, combatants must roleplay signing up for a spot in the queue in this thread. When registering, combatants must include all of the following personal information. Failure to fill out any of these fields will void the registration.

Code: Select all
[img]Pet's image[/img]
[b]Battle Traits[/b]:

* The queue is limitless, but combatants may not register for more than one position on the queue and can only re-register once they have had a turn to fight.

* Combatants will engage the commander in one-on-one combat in the order of their registration. You will be sent a private message by staff when it is your turn to fight. If a combatant fails to begin their match within 3 days of receiving the message, they will lose their spot on the queue, and the next combatant will be asked to fight instead.

* If a combatant feels they cannot take their turn for any reason, they may message staff and ask to be bumped back or taken off of the queue.


* All battles must be carried out in this thread. Do not start a separate thread for fighting the commander.

* Combatants' initial battle posts must include the same stats found in their registration. Any stat changes a pet receives between registration and the start of battle will not be counted.

* This battle area does not given KS gain. As such, there is no need to roleplay your post. Simply post letting us know if you are using a trait or a normal attack.

* After the moderator calculates the result of a turn, combatants will have 3 days to reply and take their next turn. Failure to post in a timely manner will result in an automatic forfeit, and the next combatant on the queue will be asked to take their turn.

* Reports indicate that the commander seems to have a 1/5 chance of KO'ing an opponent every turn. However, because the gods have blessed the battlefields, no pets will permanently die and are free to try fighting the monster again later.

* Any damage dealt to the commander in battle will transfer over to the next battle. The strategy is for combatants to cooperate and gradually reduce the commander's Endurance to 0.

* While there are no restrictions on what kinds of pets may fight, it would be wise to bring a hard hitting pet.


Combatants will be awarded 15 BP for each completed attempt to fight. "Completed" means that 15 BP will NOT be rewarded if the combatant automatically forfeits as a result of failing to post.  

There are also special rewards for combatants who achieve the following:

Proof of Valor: Given to the combatant who dealt the most damage overall. Comes with 100 BP.

Proof of Strength: Given to the combatant who dealt the most damage in a single battle. Comes with 70 BP.

Proof of Resilience: Given to the combatant who lasted the longest number of consecutive turns. Comes with 50 BP.

Other Details to Note

* Combatants who want a refresher on how to battle can refer to this thread.
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Postby Kyrit » 11/03/2017 9:52 PM

Battle Queue

Combatant 1: Senervel [OmniSearch]

Combatant 2: Cyril [zapdragon555]

Combatant 3: Zears [Thunder]

Combatant 4: Open

Combatant 5: Open

Combatant #: Open

Combatant #: Open

Combatant #: Open
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Re: .:Free the Captive!:.

Postby Omnisearch » 11/03/2017 10:17 PM

Name: Senervel
Color/Species: Akita/Splotched/Kohl Custom Lucain
Gender: Male
Size: Medium
Level: 89
AP: 95
Diet: Carnivore
Element: Metal
Offense: 92
Defense: 100
Precision: 50
Endurance: 100
Speed: 100
Battle Traits:
  -Spiked Body (Racial)
  -Chance Hit
  -Damaging Strike
  -Extended Claws
  -Powerful Jaws

Right... Perhaps it was time for him to pull his weight in this war. He'd been an important player in the first one, but he'd mostly sat on the sidelines for this one. It had dragged on for a while, and that had made him lazy. Things seemed to be drawing to a close, though, and that meant he needed to get his act together. It was time to shine once again, just like he had in the previous war.

He cracked his hands as he registered to this massive fight. He wasn't expecting a victory, but he figured he might as well open up the ball. "I guess we're doing this, hm?" He'd helped the Purines win the first time, and he would try to make them win this second time.

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Re: .:Free the Captive!:.

Postby zapdragon555 » 11/04/2017 12:03 AM

With a suit so finely pressed and a face so calmly collected, you can't help but feel uneasy when the man hands you a slip of paper--the entry form, which he wrote:Image
Name: Cyril Pearcival
Color/Species: Custom Leopard/Desertrunner/Coontail/Spades Lucain
Gender: Male
Size: M
Level: 49
AP: 55
Diet: Omnivore
Element: Dark
Offense: 67
Defense: 85
Precision: 50
Endurance: 70
Speed: 66
Battle Traits:
  - Spiked Body (R)
  - Combat Endurance
  - First Initiative
  - Puncture
  - Sharp Senses
  - Life Drain
  - Arterial Strike*
  - Damaging Strike*

His physical wounds had healed from the fight against the monster, yes... but hardly his pride. Cyril Pearcival met the gazes of the Purine generals a second time, nothing but cold, quiet murder in the depths of his blue eyes. After being so quickly humiliated the last time he'd taken up the fight, Cyril had pondered siding with the Imperials so as to not show his face again. But knowing that that miserable excuse for a demon had been spotted near Imperial lines had deterred him.

Cyril never had any stock in this war--but the prize money for such a hefty feat of power would sway any dissenter.

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Re: .:Free the Captive!:.

Postby Thunder » 11/04/2017 2:42 AM

Name: Zears Inmara
Species: Purine Albie
Gender: Male
Size: S
Level: 67
AP: 75
Diet: Omnivore
Element: Earth
Offense: 87 (MAX)
Defense: 100 (MAX)
Precision: 50 (MAX)
Endurance: 100 (MAX)
Speed: 86
Fame: 40 (MAX)
Battle Traits:
- Snowshoes (R)
- Guerrilla Fighter
- Lunge
- Stubborn Ferocity
- Fissure
- Powerful Jaws
- Combat Endurance

What unfortunate timing. Right after Ridge left the army, there had been an announcement that Captain Fanus of the Purines was planning to break out some prisoner from the Imperial Interrogation Center. Zears wasn't really sure who she was, but this was clearly a critical mission, and he wished that his dear Serraptor friend could be by his side for it. For now, he would just have to fight alone.

He took a deep breath and wrote his name down on the registration paper. Even though he'd been in countless battles by now, somehow, he was still nervous about this task. Fighting others, maiming others, sometimes even taking their was all so surreal to Zears. He didn't like it, but it was far too late to turn back. Soldiers were expected to follow orders, and he wasn't about to let Captain Fanus or General Aeroneus down.

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Open RP for war participants!

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