Have you written a story that you'd like some others to read and give you some feedback? Or maybe you want some opinions on a piece of art, a custom design, or even a roleplay post. If so, this is the area for you!

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.:Feedback Rules:.

Postby ToxicShadow » 03/10/2016 8:20 PM

• What are we allowed to request feedback for?
    Generally anything that may be considered artistic, such as roleplays, writing, art, custom designs, thread layouts, character stories or personalities, photography, cosplays, cake decoration, crafts, and such things in that broad spectrum. Additionally, contest or event feedback, pertaining specifically to Evelon.

• What are we NOT allowed to request feedback for?
    Generally anything outside of artistic feedback. Feedback for personal matters is best asked elsewhere, as no user will be able to know the entire situation, all of the circumstances, rules or laws pertaining to the matter, etc,  in order to give accurate feedback. If you are in need of medical advice for you, another person, or even a pet, including diet, injuries, etc, seek help from a medical professional!

• Guidelines for giving feedback
    Feedback should always be constructive, whether it is positive or negative. Constructive criticism is entirely okay! However, insulting, bashing or flaming another user or their work is absolutely NOT okay! A comment such as, "I don't like it," is in no way helpful, thus, is rude and unnecessary. "I don't really like those colors together. They're too bright and seem clash," is okay.

Although it is not rude, "I like it!" is not constructive feedback either. Feedback should include what you like and/or don't like.

If you aren't sure what what to write for feedback, you can ask yourself certain questions. Do those colors look nice together? Is it visually appealing to you? Does the writing flow well? Does it seem like the characters have developed over time? Did you enjoy reading it?

• Should I tag my topic so others know what I am requesting feedback for?
    While you do not have to tag your topics, you are more than welcome to, if you feel it is necessary. "Custom Design Feedback, Please?" is a straightforward title. It is obvious what one is seeking feedback for, so a tag would not be necessary. However, if you choose something more obscure, such as, "Alien Lucain," then you may want to include a tag "[Custom Design]" or something to that effect. However, it is entirely up to each user's individual choice!

• Mature Content
    As with all areas of Evelon, any thread that includes mature content needs to include the corresponding tags or warnings to indicate the mature content.
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