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• Customizing Pets

Postby Kyrit » 01/18/2018 5:12 PM

While most colorations of pets are available to all users or may be obtained from events, on Evelon we also offer the option of custom pets. These are pets that you may choose all colorations, markings, and event lineart edits in some cases. Each custom is a special, one of a kind color, unless the owner buys multiple copies. Outlined here you will find general information on purchasing a custom, what can be customized, and how you can even customize your own pets to some extent.

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• Add-ons

Postby Kyrit » 01/18/2018 5:14 PM

While the Evelon staff handle all customs and will take add-on requests from time to time, they do not have enough time to handle all art requests users make. As such, a system to allow users to handle drawing add-ons of their own has been put in place. An add-on is only considered an official add-on after it has undergone an approval process though, so make sure not to use pet urls in your pen and in roleplays that are not on the official Evelon Photobucket.

• Approval process
      If you have drawn an add-on for your pet, or have gotten someone else to draw an add-on for you, before the image can be considered official it must be submitted for approval at Adornments, Alterations, and Amendments.
      If your add-on is considered to be of a quality acceptable for official Evelon art, it will be uploaded to the official photobucket and your pets new url will be delivered to you via PM. If an add-on is rejected for any reason, you will be sent a PM telling you why it was rejected, and the add-on can be requested again if any changes are made to it thereafter.

• Species not available for user customization

• Things you may customize on your own
      Add accessories (ex; collars, flames, toys)
      Add/alter body parts (ex; add horns, wings, scars)
      Add/change an aura
      Change your pet's eye color

• Things you may NOT customize on your own
      Make alternating images for one pet/animate it
      Excessive lineart changes - nothing greater than ~35% changes
              Refers to physical changes, such as removing/replacing a tail
      Add/change markings
      Major changes to Paragon facial structure
      New tail/wing types for Paragon

• Paying other users for add-ons
      Users are welcome to commission add-ons from other users! We encourage anyone that would like to try to draw add-ons to take a shot at it. Fair warning though, we do not have a standard pricing chart for add-ons! If a user would like to set up an add-on shop in the bazaar, it is up to that user what they charge! It's up to you, as the buyer, if you are willing to pay that price.
      Any add-ons purchased from another user will still need to be submitted for approval! Do not use an add-on image for any roleplays, your zoo pen, or official threads.

• Concerning Kuhna add-ons
      If you purchase an add-on that you think would be able to be passed on to children (new wings, hair, ect) you will need to send a psd with this add-on to the Evelon staff, emailing it to! If the staff does not have the add-on PSD they will be unable to give that add-on to any future offspring.
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• Custom design regulations

Postby Kyrit » 01/18/2018 5:18 PM

Because of the possibilities of designs being either taken or copied, we want to protect the designs of the members' custom pets, which often have important or specific meanings to the owner. Just because you find someone's custom beautiful, it doesn't mean you have the right to blatantly copy its design. Taking the designs of others is strictly forbidden. In no way do we mean that you will get punished or warned because you used the same shade of green as another member though.

• I feel like someone stole my design. What should I do?
      When customs are opened, if you happen to notice someone who got a custom that is basically your design, you have the right to Appeal to the Staff. Cases will be considered by the whole Staff, but only one (1) person needs to be PM'd (Admins excluded) with the following:
              a. The design/custom copied and the new copy
              b. name of the member who took your design
              c. Your story: show art, designs, evidence of design ownership, ect

• How do I make sure the designs are really similar enough to Appeal?
      If you see a pet and immediately recognized it as another design, perhaps even one of your own, you should appeal. Copies can be done via different markings than the ones from the original design, especially when certain markings can't be translated from one species to another (i.e. the Lucain's StarSpeckled or the Paragon's Predator). Regardless of markings, the colors and how they are laid out are the most obvious in a design. With respect to that, please keep in mind that the exact same colors from your design can still be used without the person copying your design. Designs with black, white and red are common, for example: it's hard to accuse someone of copying your design when the colors are very generic.

• Someone's bred Lucain looks almost exactly like mine! Can I appeal?
      Users only have the right to Appeal with respect to custom pets. If someone breeds or gets a random of a pet similar to yours, you cannot appeal for that pet. If any copying was done, it was obviously not intentional: the Staff and Baal don't know about every single design on the forums.

• What kind of consequences will be given if the thief is found guilty of copying a design?
      If the person bought a custom that blatantly copies your design, consequences will follow if we give reason to your claims. The severity will start low, but it will increase if someone tries to copy a design more than once.
      First Copy: The new custom copy is confiscated. We will reimburse its cost.
      Second Copy: The new custom copy is confiscated. We will reimburse 3/4 its cost.
      Third Copy: The new custom copy is confiscated. We will reimburse half its cost.
      Fourth Copy: The new custom copy is confiscated. We will reimburse 1/4 its cost.
      Fifth Copy, And On: The new custom copy is confiscated. Despite the fact that money was spent or resources were used, no money will be reimburse in any way, shape, or form. After the fifth copy, we believe it's time the person stops. Not only that, but official warnings will come into effect at this point.

• What if I want a duplicate copy of my own pet?
      If you do wish to have literal twins of a custom, it's fine as long as the following apply:
              a. You are the owner and you wish to buy a second copy, or more; or
              b. You are a pair and you want to have one identical copy each, etc.
              c. You pay the cost for the duplicate

• I traded a pet I wanted to redo! Will I be considered a thief for remaking my design?
      Much like the above, if there was a deal in which both parties agreed that the traded pet's design would be reused later, that new custom cannot be called to an Appeal. While they can certainly try, we expect you to have proof of your deal and that both parties agreed. If you did not warn the buyer that you want to reuse the design, the owner has every right to Appeal about your custom! You kept the buyer in the dark, and because of that, they have the right to argue that you stole the design.

• Why am I being accused of copying a design? That was a bred pet/random pet.
      Some users breed with the intention of getting characters that already exist, whether as children or new characters needed for a plot. As such, regardless of type, an owner can still file an Appeal against a copy as long as it was purchased as a custom.

• I didn't mean to copy! It was genuinely a design that very similar to another.
      If you have evidence that you had a design or a character that happened to just be similar to another character, then we might give you reason over the "original owner." The "thief" will not always be labelled guilty, depending on the circumstances. This is why we ask for evidence to be provided, and why we want to hear both parties.

• Someone has a blatant copy of a pet! I know it! Can you confiscate that pet?
      Sadly, because colors really can't be copyrighted, any pet designed prior to this rule cannot be called to an Appeal. The rule wasn't in effect, so you could consider it that we left that part to the good of the members. If some members did happen to break that rule, it is sadly impossible to convict them at this time for past copies.

• I love that design! Nothing else will fit my perfect pet! Is there anything I can do?
      If you are simply in love with someone's design, you can always ask the users. The worst they tell you is "no". Some users may not be bothered by a copy if the person just asked them first. However, if the person does tell you that you can't copy their design, don't take that as the ability to do so. No obviously means no.
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• Flat PSDs

Postby Kyrit » 01/18/2018 5:22 PM

In order to aid users in designing customs, the Evelon staff has agreed to make flat PSDs of pets. These PSDs have all of the layers available in the base set of a pet's file, though they lack shading and highlights. For breedables, this means you will have access to all markings (including mutations!), mini-marks, wings, tails, heads, and virtually everything available. For non-breedables, we have not been able to make the markings or add-ons of various special colorations available, though you have access to any of the markings a pet originally has. At the time, Kuhna files will not be available.

So just download the PSD(s) you want, and play around! Note that you will need an art program that can handle that type of art file: Paint does not handle PSDs. In terms of programs, you would need to download an art program that can read and open PSDs, such as PhotoShop or SAI. If you cannot make these four work, just look up advice on Google! There might be more low-key programs out there that we don't know about.

That's about all there is to it. This goes without saying, but obviously, you CANNOT use these as official customs.

What you may DO with them:
* Use these to design your custom orders!
* Use these to design your Palette Potion offspring!
* Use these as Wishlist/order references!
* Use these to help your fellow members who cannot use the PSDs themselves!
* Use these for add-on previews!

What you may NOT DO with them:
* You may NOT use them as real customs!
* You may NOT use them for RPing!
* You may NOT use them to breed!
* You may NOT use them in any other way you would otherwise use a real, official pet!

Without further ado, follow any of these links to find the PSDs of your choice!

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