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• Breeding Room Extension Rules

Postby Kreepy » 05/18/2015 12:51 AM

~*Breeding Room Extension Rules*~

So with the new room systems, we're seeing rooms fail frequently, and we've had more requests for extensions in the past month, than I saw all last year. The rooms haven't really changed, you can still start them whenever you want, and plan them around IRL events. The only difference is that they have the potential to drag on, and you can have more than one going at once.
We encourage users to try their hardest to plan around these things, that said unplanned events can happen.

What Is Acceptable for an Extension?
Sudden, unplanned, uncontrollable events. Things like a death in the family, a sudden trip to hospital or onset of sudden debilitating illness, your provider accidentally cutting a powerline all count for extensions. You cannot have known about these things, and you could not have planned for it.

What is not Acceptable?
Things like vacations, moving house (within reason), finals and other planned events do not count for an extension. These usually are planned quite in advance, giving you time to inform your partner about it and time to work out how to get the breeding done before you go.

How to get an Extension
We need to know as soon as possible when you need to get an extension. If you have the smallest doubt you might be failing your room: PM the staff BEFORE it actually happens! Please send a message to the Global Moderators group in order to apply for an extension to ensure all staff members get the pm. Please state as much information as you can so we can make a decision as a group. Please note, we will check your history with replies, the state of your other breedings and other activity on the site.

When members do not warn us, we do check the rooms, and we do move them once they've failed. Getting PMd after the fact means all staff have to sit down and decide if the reason(s) are valid enough to pull the room back up.

So your reason doesn't cut it, what should you do?

Well, there's a few strategies you can employ. Here are some of our top choices:

Don't Start At All
If you have a planned event next week, don't start it at all. Wait til you get back and you have the free time, instead of starting it and stressing both you and your partner out. The system offers a large degree of flexibility and planning, and if you cannot prioritize, it's not a valid excuse.

Super Short Posts
As it sounds. 5 Sentence posts. The bare basics. They're not hard and if you know what you're going to type, they can take up as little as 10 minutes of your time. Yes, you might feel bad about not giving your partner much to work with, but is it as bad as failing your room?

Breeding Via the Personal Message System
If you are super keen to start the breeding, but do have a planned event coming up, PM breedings are still allowed, and nothing is stopping you from doing that. You could do the whole thing via PM's or just do it that way until you are free, and then post it and keep going from there.

Strategic Pacing
So you or your partner have something coming up, finals, a vacation, a known loss of internet. What can you do? Well, you each have seven days to reply, so if you were away for a week say, post right before you leave, ask your partner to post on day 4-6 and then you'll have some time when you get back to unpack, rest up and then get onto an RP post. Simple.

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