New here? Then come and stop by this board to see all the do's and dont's in Evelon. These are rules that you MUST read before heading off to roleplay, as users who don't abide by them will be banned after five warnings. There are also a few threads with general info that you may find useful.

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.:All-In-One Rules & FAQ List:. [Start Here!]

Postby Kyrit » 06/17/2008 11:25 PM

Throughout the forums you will find different threads with different rules, as well as a few FAQs created to help members. The threads are spread out so that they are placed in the areas they correspond to, which means that you might some times miss a rule if you haven't checked all areas. Because of this and the fact that the links in the Help drop-down box are currently broken, please use this thread if you are having trouble finding a specific set of rules or an FAQ.


General Rules and Information
Pet Adoption and Ownership
Customizing Pets
Breeding Room Extension Rules
.:Suggestion(board) Rules:.
.:Retiring Pets(Board) Rules:.
.:Zoo Pen Rules:.
.:All About You Rules:.
.:Pet Stories Rules/Regulations:.
.:Marketplace Rules:.
.:Trading Rules:.
.:Bazaar Guidelines:.
.:Auction House Guidelines:.
.:Roleplay Rules:.
.:Breeding Rules:.
.:Gossip and Chatter Rules:.

Info and FAQs

General Informations on Stats
.:Kuhna FAQ:.
.:The Marketplace F.A.Q.:.
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