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Adventure Journal

Postby Mojave » 03/31/2017 5:50 AM


This is where I'll be keeping track of my active roleplays, plots, etc. Please do NOT post here, thanks!

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One, don't pick up the phone
You know he's only calling 'cause he's drunk and alone
Two, don't let him in
You have to kick him out again
Three, don't be his friend
You know you're gonna wake up in his bed in the morning
And if you're under him
You ain't getting over him
New Rules by Dua Lipa

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Re: Adventure Journal

Postby Mojave » 03/31/2017 6:35 AM


{Toxie, Crow, Me}
owns arms warehouse, contracted w/government to build specialized weapons
reaches out to brother Riddler {Toxie} to expand into illegal arms manufacturing
Riddler sends Minion Two {Toxie} to set up contract, ensue friendship > romance
during relationship, Daiyher helps M2 build self esteem
tries to pick out new name by randomly suggesting names all the time
after feels start happening, something happens to threaten Daiyher's life
M2 suggests body guard, pushes for demon
Daiyher meets Deste {Crow} who is at the bottom of the totem pole in her syndicate
Diayher helps Deste climb the ranks/prove herself. Teaches her new 'tricks of the trade' in secret.
having a girlfriend opens Daiyher up to feels, starts seeing M2 as man instead of contract
Daiyher and Deste attend an event at Mojave Manor. {Daiyher/M2 wedding?}
Deste summons Dmitri.
Grey bumps into Dmitri, talks to him for a bit, and likes him. Introduces him to Zelos.
Dmitri is brought in as live-in librarian
Grey introduces him to the royal social circles, he hides he's a demon from everyone
eventually comes out he's a demon and most of society turns on him
Grey sticks by him, points out he's never hurt anyone
despite social stigma, Zelosis and Dmitri bond over finding Dmitri's powers (this part between Toxie and Crow)

{Night and me}
Environment: There's an unorthodox peace between Downworld and the Institute and it's Shadowhunters in Houston. Makayla doesn't know why, grew up in it, never questioned it.
Not a lot of demonic activity like NYC/LA (it's the South, dude. people are WAY too religious here)
This is after TMI about the same time TDA during the Cold Peace (Magnus and Alec have adopted Raphael and Max)
POSSIBLE: Institute, Downworld, and cartel leaders working together to smuggle drugs, run weapons, human trafficking, etc.

Shadowhunter OC: Makayla Hollowgreen
* Female
* gear casual
* Born in Amalie's condo, her mother (half fairy) showed up with a stab wound that Amalie couldn't heal and in labor. She lived long enough to tell Amalie the child's name (but not last name; illegitimate love child) and the first mark she should receive when she comes of age but never got to hold her.
* Remained in Amalie's care until the warlock was certain she would survive before she was taken to the local institute. The couple running the Institute called in an Iron Sister/Silent Brother to perform the protection spells for her.  
* First meets Amalie when she came of age to receive her first mark, does not know Amalie knew her mother. Received the protection rune first (always found this weird) and then the voyance rune.
* Has great skill with plants/herbology. Loves spending time in wooded areas and sketching what she sees. Favorite animals are fox and deer.
* Despite nobody knowing who her shadowhunter family is (father was Hollowgreen), everyone suspects she has fairy blood. Since the cold peace, the Institute head has kept her away from visiting shadowhunters.
* Not a virgin, but is very discreet. Seriously do not kiss and tell or she will kick your ass.
* Has a Texan accent, but can mask it
* Started running into Amalie at clubs, at the Institute, and even at underground poker games. Beat her in a high stakes game and now has a favor that she can call in at any time.
* Because of TMI/TDA events in NYC/LA, Makayla has started to pay closer attention to her city and the politics with Downworld. Starts noticing weird shit and calls Malec for advice on working with Downworlders.

High Warlock: Amalie Jinx
* Female
* casual dressy young
* Born 1000 AD to Thule woman/Sammael posing as Norseman in Canadian archipelagos near Greenland
* Tall, rail thin and angular, resting bitch face, hair changes all the time, creamy complexion, can tan easily. was originally blonde/brown eyes before demon mark (speckling, claws, fangs, solid black eyes) manifested.
* reclusive, finicky, impatient, utilitarian, blunt; HATES sarcasm; protective, secretive, apathetic; starting to thaw and unpetrify.
* powers manifest as white lightning, she keeps the true extent of her powers hidden
* familiar/pet: bobcat (though has been known to keep a menagerie when bored)
* accessories tend to be made of ancient whale bone, fossils, shells, pearls, sea glass, driftwood, etc (anything from the ocean)
* tattoos around upper left arm
* has weekly poker night with Makayla- lost first game, owes a favor
* prefers to let others hang themselves. so long as the Clave stays FAR away, do whatever you want, but it's your ass on the line. grudgingly acknowledges the Clave, but only so they won't kill/bother her.
* has no patience w/mundanes and refuses to work with them unless their enterprises run the risk of them being killed/eaten by other Downworlders (accords broken=Clave up her ass)
* has heard mention of many warlocks, including Magnus Bane, but has never actively sought them out
* As her native tribe migrated south from the mini ice age and Europeans invaded the North American continent, she moved around to avoid them. Eventually wound up in Central and South America. Spent 100 years traveling the planet, came back and settled in Houston around 2000.
* lives primarily in penthouse condo, but has two country houses. One on Gulf coast, one in Canada.
* tribe thought she was sired by Norseman, lived as part of the clan. Would have been married as normal but fiance killed in whaling accident and her demon mark presented shortly after. Took last name Jinx. Became tribe's shaman/healer.
* doesn't really care about sex, but will partner with any humanoid she has a connection with. has only been in love once (fiance).
* does NOT talk about her relationship with Makayla.
* Links: ... iking-age/ ... s=3-1&mi=1
*Vocabulary: umiaqs: open-decked skin boat; ataniq (foreman) or umialiq whaling captain; kargi, served as the headquarters of Thule whaling crews
*Nicknames/pet names: Kallik: lightning; Amaruq: grey wolf; Aguta: gatherer of the dead; Nanouk/Nanuq: polar bear

Institute Head: Caspian Youngblood
* male
* avatar

* Magnus, Jace, Isabelle; Vampire, Werewolf, Cartel leaders belong to Night with her own Shadowhunter OC(s)
* Alec, Clary, Simon; Makayla, Amalie, Institute leader are mine
* fairies up for grabs

Sire: Spanish/Brazillian Jaguar
Dam: Mountain Lion

Dad was drunk, bit mom (turned her from cat to were) and knocked her up. Kept her around to make sure his were gene didn't pass to the children. Diego only offspring, kept mom around to raise the kid since he's a CEO. parents signed a prenup that whoever initiated divorce doesn't get a dime unless there's abuse involved.

Calahan nearly died due to parents ODing him on drugs so they could go party. Was put in Haru's orphanage and she adopted him. He knew he was gay, never taught to be ashamed of it bc his parents didn't care. Haru supported him, helped him and Diego sneak around bc she hated Diego's mom. Never interferred due to agreement with half brother.

Diego asked his mom about other sexualities. Mom reacted harshly, 'gays are evil, etc' bs. Made Diego think his dad thought the same way and the if he ever brought it up, there would be consequences. Diego never thought about it again on a personal level, though he didn't agree with his mom about gays being evil.

Cal's first serious crush was Diego, Diego turned him down, sees him as brother. This was when they were x?

Diego moved out of family house when he was 17 due to his mother trying to set him up with girls of her choosing. Was able to stave it off for a while by bringing girls home to satisfy her that he was straight, but didn't stop her nagging, reached his limit and left.

Is 22 when he meets Amp. Sells his soul for a record deal, Amp leaves and Diego finds out he's pregnant. Bartender spiked his drink at the sing-off as a joke, thought Diego would just wake up as a girl. Diego tries to get in contact with him but eventually gives up, has a daughter.

Thinks he's not a 'one love for life' type until he actually falls in love. Just wants that person to take him seriously but doesn't know how to open up to others. Instinctively clams up. Gets involved with someone else after Amp disappears while raising his daughter.

Diego will eventually take a bullet for Cal, though just wanted to shove him out of the way. Shooter is bad shot, would have missed Cal completely, Diego put himself in line of fire.

Will eventually be revealed that Diego's dad never knew about the abuse, is a not so closeted gay man-whore. Amp knows him (Dad has a thing with the band's drummer) and that's how it's all brought to light. Diego's mom will be turned out on the street.

Element is energy, has a hyper-active sex drive/libido so his body will become sore/chaffed before his energy levels will be drained. Is always on the move or doing something. This makes him the perfect food source for creatures that feed on sex or energy. Want to use him as a buffet, but others may be out to use him as a lure/trap for said creatures to study/hunt. His excess energy also tends to help him work the crowds while performing. Once he learns how to control his element (waifu's Ella) will start putting excess energy into pods to sell as batteries.

Rough timeline: sex with Amp, learns he's pregnant, has Roxy. Meet Hale and learn about his element and ability to feed creatures that consume energy without it affecting him after Roxanne is born. Start meeting waifu's characters (Ella, Charmaine, and Incubus) However all those meetings go, eventually Amp is scheduled to show back up and find out about Roxanne and then all the drama will start.

Hates fish, lactose intolerant. Would like a scene where his lover is teasing him about needing his milk and tuna to make him feel better and Diego does not react well. Maybe take a light swing at him and lover turns it into sexy times.

I want you mewling like a cat in heat. For me, only me. I want to feel your desire burn me until we catch these sheets on fire. I want you trembling beneath me as I make every part of you mine. I want my name falling from those luscious lips like musical rain until I hear nothing else but your cries of ecstasy. I want to feel all of you tightening around every inch of me as I drive you further out of your mind. And I want us to fall into a place that's just ours. Where there's only us, even if it's just for a few moments. I want to satisfy your every desire until you need noone else but me. I want you- body, mind, and soul. Completely. Forever.

Other plot points:
-made immortal
-love interest tries to get his soul back but Diego stops them, "My soul belongs to you regardless of where the damn thing is."

Songs to perform:
The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus: Your Guardian Angel
Mariana's Trench: Haven't Had Enough
Breaking Benjamin: Angels Fall
Blue October: Drilled a Wire Through My Cheek
Enrique Iglesias: Tonight (I'm F*cking You)
Good with Grenades: Bruises and Bitemarks

Dragon Age: Female Elf
After defeating Corypheus, Solas disappears. Serena goes looking for him because of the promise he made her: that if they were still alive after defeating Corypheus, he would explain why they couldn't engage in 'emotional entanglements'. Varric is still itching for some more adventures, plus writing material, and to reconnect with Crow and Bianca so he tags along. Cassandra may come along, depends who becomes Divine in game. Cullen goes with them because he's tired of sitting around Skyhold whetting his sword and being described as "a lost puppy". He also wants to know why Solas left Serena like he did, a little upset with him because he wouldn't have left her. Also a little worried that Blackwall is going to be so close to her, still doesn't trust him. Blackwall goes because he pledged his life to Serena for sparing him from the hangman's noose for his lies and crimes. Also because he loves Serena, but his feelings are complicated and not sexual. He also develops a desire to find Solas and punch his face in after seeing how Solas's disappearance affects Serena. Eventually, they start gaining on Solas and get close enough that Solas checks on Serena from the fade, is pulled into her wet dream. The physical need for her wakes him up and distressed, he finds the party. He tries to push her away, to tell her to go home. She brings up his promise. He tells her he still intends to keep that promise, but he must fix what he broke before he can answer her questions completely (Solas=elven god). He leaves her again, the party finds her. Blackwall talks to Cullen, convinces him to save Serena from herself, it'll only end bad for her if she continues. She and Cullen have been getting close/awkward and he decides that yes, he'll romance her. The quest breaks up, everyone goes their separate ways. Cullen and Serena marry, have kids. Solas returns when their kids are preteens to continue where they left off, finds her with a family. They fight, he goes away again, promising he will see her again. She outlives Cullen, their kids have kids who are about to start having kids. Serena is old and close to death. Solas reappears, convinces her there is a world they can be together. She accepts, all that held her to her current life is fading, better to say goodbye while those old enough to know her will remember her well and those too young to remember won't be affected by her death. Solas and Serena end up in Evelon as lucain with ability to change to paragon (god forms) as Solas reveals who and what he is and uses his power to make Serena his mate without fear of death.
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Re: Adventure Journal

Postby Mojave » 03/31/2017 6:46 AM


Dragon Age: Inquisition
So after MONTHS of not playing DA:Inquisition (I haven't played since before we got Fenrir back in late December) I have picked it back up. I deleted all my old saves and am gonna go through and play several stories for the keep so when the next game comes out I can play following several different stories. BTW Rogue (archer/artificer) is my favorite build so expect to see it a lot.

Game 1: Angelus
male Qunari
rogue (archer/artificer)
romancing Dorian
Sarcastic when he needs to communicate but prefers to avoid idle chatter. Can come off a bit testy if he's been talking too much or it's a topic he really doesn't care about. In a relationship he's a bit tsundere unless they're alone and then he's a great sappy teddy bear. Vanity is his biggest vice.
So I'm REALLY impressed with how he came out! Such a beefcake~ <333

Game 2: ???
female elf
rogue (archer/artificer)
romancing Solas

Game 3: ???
female human
mage (?/?)
romancing Cullen

Game 4: ???
female Qunari
rogue (archer/artificer)
romancing Iron Bull

Guardian of Mythal and Corypheus's blighted dragon from DA:I.

Minty Shapeshifter
1 minty kuhna
1 minty lakundra
1 mint teigu
ToxicShadow's minty soveris
Kitsumi's minty placid paragon
A minty kuhna goes to Einsor to be turned into a new species like a panzer or luhna. Instead, Einsor decides to be a dick and turns him into a teigu. Pissed, he confronts Ein and the lucain experiments further and gives the kuhna/teigu the ability to switch forms and has added the paragon form. Well at least he can switch, but is pissed. Goes back, tells Ein no funny business, andgives Ein one last chance. Comes out as a Soveris. Pissed, declares Ein a monster who should be stopped, goes to Evolux and is grown into Lakundra. However, because of Ein's tampering, he can now change between all forms.

Comet Dust- first queen, "true" alicorn- born
Grandiose Thunder- famous earth pony racer, married Comet but left her when she turned their daughter into an Alicorn illegally
Eglantine- exiled princess, daughter of Comet x Thunder. born earth pony, turned by mother into Alicorn with same spell that Celestia used on Twilight (created the spell). lives in dragon breeding grounds, caring for eggs. Sent Spike's egg to Canterlot.
Zephyr- Thunder's second daughter after he left Comet, races like father
Spire- unicorn w/giant horn, ancient unicorn that lives in ancient forest
Fuzzsputz- ancient fuzzy unicorn, relative of Starswirled, cousin to Spire, lives with her
Tornado- pegasus, lives in Appaloosa
Timebomb- earth pony
kirin x changeling
kirin x pegasus
Mojave- self pony
princess sambra*
*I have no idea

Next Gen
Mysterious Mystique; "Missy"; Silver Spoon x Diamond Tiara; ribbon question mark over crown w/stars
Silver Belle; "Birdy"; Vinyl Scratch x Octavia; bells
Schizm; Discord x Chrysalis
Prince Pure Amore Armour; Princess Cadence x Shining Armor; ?
Rooster; Apple Jack x Trouble Shoes; rightside up horseshoe with apple inside
Twilight Sparkle x Flash Sentry
Lyra x 'Bon Bon'
Rarity x Fancy Pants
Hoity Toity x Photo Finish
King Thorax x Spike
Rainbow Dash x Soren
Evil Celestia x Nightmare Moon*
Discord x Evil Celestia*
Discord x Celestia*
Discord x Nightmare Moon*
Discord x Luna*
*some seriously freaky shit went on with these three for a while. Luna always had Nightmare Moon as an alter ego, Celestia keeps her evil counterpart hidden, was hinted at when she used Sambra's magic and had the glowy eyes. All these offspring are powerful monsters and are locked away in Tartarus.

Apo Hounds

think Devon + Cornwall from Quest for Camelot (polar opposites in taste, personality)
one head is male, one is female
organs for both genders are present causing lots of hormone imbalances
when change to human form, either male or female, 'spare parts' tucked inside body
will change at random if the 'dominant' one loses control or loses the internal struggle for dominance

Flash/Group dancer. Especially loves dances like Gangnam Style and RHPS's Time Warp.

Alice and Aleahs
Albino rave rocker that trips acid and writes fantasy stories. Is the clone of Aleahs who was cloned by her father without her knowledge or permission. Aleahs is furious with her dad, bails with the clone that has only had enough time as a sentient living thing to name herself Alice. Alice is small child mentally and idolizes Aleahs like a little sister. Eventually she grows up to be a teenager and becomes a regular pain the ass. Suffers identity and daddy issues. Is borderline psychotically insane and struggles to keep control of her crazy at all times because she's a loose cannon attached to a timebomb. Eventually will develop homicidal tendencies and becomes the local version of Slenderman. Meanwhile, she hides as a normal civilian with a day job like Dexter.

The Dad and Mom get divorced, Aleahs was already a teenager and went into mother's custody, which is why Dad makes a copy. (Maybe she even had a twin that died shortly after birth, so that was his way of recreating her). Dad is obviously not right in the head, so he gets taken to prison for shit, Aleahs takes over the company. Maybe he even made Alice unstable, like she needs weird genetic treatments, that way she HAD to rely on him. So Aleahs has to figure that shit out, but by the time she does, Alice is already lost it, but she still treats her to stop it from getting even worse, like killing her.

Marine Biologist/Conservationalist
surfs on the side

Hotarubi no Mori e
Girl falls in love with spirit who can't be touched by humans. After he falls in love with her, they accidentally touch. Instead of killing him like he was told it would, it turns him mortal. Spirit who cast the spell just wanted Gin to stay with him forever. Once Gin is mortal, he can no longer stay in the forest. Has to find his own way in the mortal world with girlfriend.
Gin: shrine fellox
Hotaru: ?

Changeling ownes burlesque bar and Madame of brothel that feed her 'love' energy. Hires assasins to protect her girls. One rescues prostitute from streets and brings her "home". Serves as errand girl until tests show she doesn't have diseases. Assasin that brought her to the brothel falls in love with her. Takes protecting her to insane lengths which turns her on, very rough with one another. Often argue because he lavishes her with nice things, makes her feel awkward.

Okay so I have not played the first two games (this is a growing trend, I see), but I LOVE IT SO MUCH!

Geralt (Lucain)
OC (NO CUSTOMS, use what you have)
Griffon (sygriff)
Yennifer's crow (matches or corbine)
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Re: Adventure Journal

Postby Mojave » 03/31/2017 6:51 AM


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Re: Adventure Journal

Postby Mojave » 05/20/2017 10:34 PM


The Jade Vulture. Bar was originally called something else but got the name because of a jade sculpture of a vulture. Owner tried to move the statue but the name stuck.

One, don't pick up the phone
You know he's only calling 'cause he's drunk and alone
Two, don't let him in
You have to kick him out again
Three, don't be his friend
You know you're gonna wake up in his bed in the morning
And if you're under him
You ain't getting over him
New Rules by Dua Lipa

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