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The Velvet Notebook

Postby crow » 05/01/2017 2:33 AM

((because I've gotten so lax that egosearch is no longer a viable way to find my ongoing RPs :') something pretty here eventually, maybe
feel free to PM me if I've forgotten a thread I have with you that you'd still like to continue; I forget a lot of things these days))

Self Roleplays
Rosewater Rain
a boy goes searching in the desert for anything he can find on his mother

Secrets of the Deep
Evander, Demetrius
their first meeting, as children

"Bonding Time"
Rosaline, Fade
camping and training

A Test Run
Aram, Neo, Jackdaw (eventual Risse)
a simple demonstration exercise goes wrong, and two Sentinels hunt for the party responsible

Chan-ho, Jae
they're stuck together for a day, and Jae decides he wants to go hiking

A Dissertation on Wilderness
Dami, Rey, Zeth, Safi
a most unlikely party embark on a journey into the Lightless Wilds

With Others
Iaezun x Mia

I'm Bulletproof, Nothing to Lose
Embry x Alba

I Need Romance
Ji-tae x Iota

God, Are You There? It's Me, Prosper
Prosper x Ryo

Unbreak My Heart New
Terrence x Rudy

Lost Boys
Jae x Ji-sung

Second Confession
Chan-ho x Young-soo

A Series of Unfortunate Misunderstandings
Skitter & Arabella

Thoughts that Breathe
Leo x Oliver

Beneath the Spin Light
Noah & Amp

Paschal x Eli

Lie to Me
Tanner x Oliver (NOT THE SAME OLIVER)

Desperate Measures
Erasmus x Elias

Need Starting

Zap - Unicorn & Busker (need names, possibly working out other details?)

Flame - Sniper & Wolf-boy (need to iron out details); The Calligrapher & Zion (need to iron out details for the start, specifically)

Toxic - Zev & Streil; Avario & Core (possibly pending progression in Zev & Streil plot?)

Night - Hotaru & Fabian (maybe?)


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