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Re: + Valentine's Raffle

Postby Omnisearch » 03/31/2017 11:39 PM

Huh. She hadn't really shown her face much around these parts in a very long time. Mostly, she just minded her own business. That's how she liked to do things, but somehow, these ticket things had ended up with her. They had an expiration date, too, so if she didn't turn them in by tonight, they'd go to waste.

She forced herself out of home in order to get it done. What a hassle; even though she was here now, she was last minute. Last minute was almost too generous, even.

She looked over the bundles, and she frowned. She had to pick where to apply these tickets now? How was she supposed to know what to pick? She didn't even know why or how these tickets had ended up in her paws. Her nose scrunched up.

With an aggravated sigh, she quickly made her choice and handed over the tickets. "Uh... hi," she greeted awkwardly, her body language telling just how uncomfortable she really was to be here. "I got these tickets?" she said, showing the three slips of paper. "They're for... this thing or something? Anyway, just apply them on like..." She paused, and again her face turned into a frown. "I mean, I don't know... I guess put an entry in for Cupid's Arrows, 500KS A, and 500KS B?" Yeah, that would do.

Redeeming wrote:3 Raffle Tickets
1 ticket for Cupid's Arrows
1 ticket for 500KS, A
1 ticket for 500KS, B

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Re: + Valentine's Raffle

Postby Skeetzybug » 04/01/2017 1:01 AM

Why was it always his job to do anything his sister forget? Dominic mumbled a few choice words under his breath, adjusting glasses and scowling at the tickets in his hand. It wasn't his fault that Lilith forgotten to turn them in until literally the very last second, and yet, here he was, taking time out his already hectic day to do it for her. Sigh. It really was lucky he loved her so much, or he might just strangle her.

Unsurprisingly to Nic, there was an actual line at the booth on this, the end of the last day of the raffle. Why did everyone always wait until the last second?? They were going to be too late one day.

"Hello there," he greeted as he finally arrived at the front of the line. "I'm here to turn in three tickets for the raffle for my sister." He slid them across the booth, a hint of relief as they were taken. "Thank you.. what? Oh! Her name, eheh, of course, my apologies." Oh man, if he'd forgotten that, he'd have never heard the end of it. Thank goodness for attentive workers.

REEDEMING: 3 Raffle Tickets
All 3 to 500KS A

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Postby Kyrit » 04/01/2017 11:12 PM

And the raffle winners have been rolled!

Starved for Love
Warrior of Love
Cupid's Arrows
Valentine's Tragedy
10 GT
Breeding Key of Choice, A
500 KS, A
Breeding Key of Choice, B
500 KS, B
Potion Package

If you have won a breeding key, please post here with your choice or PM Toxic!

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Re: + Valentine's Raffle

Postby Freezair » 04/01/2017 11:50 PM

Congratulations to all the winners! :D

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Re: + Valentine's Raffle

Postby Moofius » 04/02/2017 4:03 AM

Grats, winners! :D
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Re: + Valentine's Raffle

Postby FieldsofIris » 04/03/2017 12:28 AM

Congratulations, y'all! c: <3

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