With temperatures rising over 143°C (289.40°F) in most areas, the only relief is during the nights when it is much cooler. All travelers are advised to keep to the local towns on the desert's outskirts and avoid traveling too far from civilization. (+3 Endurance, +2 Defense)

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Re: Mental State (M)(A)(V)

Postby ToxxicRenegadeAngel » 11/24/2015 7:29 PM

Sera continued to thrash against the sand, throwing it up in the air as he moved. In his vision he was trapped, bound and burned; in reality he was merely lying on hot sand. As the vision began to clear, he at last succumbed to the exhaustion that inevitably came with release.

As Sera slept, his ghostly companion sighed, and kept watch. Though he knew it was futile as he would not be able to wake Sera anyway, there was little else he could do. Ghosts do not need to sleep.

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