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.: A God's Blessing :.

Postby .:Random Event:. » 09/16/2016 12:20 AM

(First four people who make a roleplay post here will receive something special! Note that if you post here, you cannot post in the Baian or Medicai threads)


The markets were bustling with life and the sounds of music, people chattering and animals calling. The oppressive heat hadn't deterred the locals from arriving to the bazaar in droves and hadn't hindered the Annual Rain Festival in the slightest. People were either milling about and checking out merchandise and others had taken shelter under shade-cloth and were relaxing and listening to the upbeat music. Some shop keepers were wrestling to keep independent Rathril under control. All the while, children and Tali alike ducked between legs and voicing their delight.

Suddenly the music came to a halt and people began whispering and pointing. A wispy trail of glittering black smoke was starting to form at the entrance, swirling and forming into the shape of a Suncheeka. The apparition began growing in size, and spread out its vast wings, covering the entire market place in shadow. The great cloud then began to slowly dissipate and in response the music kicked up and the locals began voicing praise towards Yepha for answering their prayers.
And in the distance, storm clouds began to brew.
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Re: .: A God's Blessing :.

Postby Flame » 09/16/2016 1:35 AM


"Just because the nature of our abilities happens to be fire-related doesn't mean that I particularly want to spend my entire life baking in the sun, Pyrrhos."

The young woman's voice was distinctly irritable as she grouched, one hand vainly attempting to shield her eyes from the unrelenting rays of the desert sun. Why anyone would decide to venture out at midday in a place like this completely escaped reason, but nevertheless, here they all were milling in their throngs in the sun-baked streets of the unlikely town. Myrrha wouldn't have guessed that there was life outside of the occasional lizard and stubborn shrub out here in the middle of the Wilt'no, but the existence of this bustling city, located smack-dab in the middle of nowhere, spoke volumes otherwise.

"I still don't know why we had to come out here, let alone in the dead of summer," she continued, her discontent clearly unhampered by the ravaging heat. Normally, Myrrha wasn't one to air her complaints openly, but currently, the only ears paying attention to her were her brother's - as deaf as they might be - and several days of trekking through the scorching sands had done nothing to dull the edge of her tongue. She hadn't wanted to come out here in the first place, so the least Pyrrhos could do in return for her company was to put up with her complaining. Even if she would much rather he repay her with a speedy return trip back to the northerly lands from which they hailed, where summer simply meant slightly less snow to slog through on a daily basis.

"Not many people get to witness this festival, Myrrha. You should try to enjoy it while we're here - take it from the locals." Pyrrhos accentuated his words with a jerk of his head in the direction of the bustling market square, where the sounds of music, people, and animals mingled to create a festive backdrop. "After all, we wouldn't want your sour attitude to be the reason why the gods refuse to bless this land with rain this year, now would we?" The note of teasing in his voice was met only with an even more dour glance from his sister, who chose that moment to go in search of a shadier spot from which to observe the festivities. Pyrrhos, as usual, had no choice but to follow, but he supposed he couldn't begrudge her that small comfort - after all, she had (somehow) agreed to come out here with him in the first place.

Myrrha was just about to send her brother on a quest to find something to slake their thirst when a sudden hush fell over the crowd. A shadowy form, seemingly consisting of smoke, seemed to appear out of thin air and slowly drifted over the now-quiet marketplace, its passage marked only by the soft gasps of shock and awe rippling through the throng of people. "Well, maybe today will turn out to be more interesting than I thought after all..."
... . . . . . . . . .Am I made of paper, 'cause I tear so easily?
Am I made of vapor, because I disappear?
Do I have to have a reason for anything I feel?
Just be glad I'm real, glad I'm real
Am I real?

Are you made of lead paint, a bulletproof Picasso?
All the virgin saints put you here to care for me
You don't need to sell me on anything at all
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Or stay awake with someone who was dying?
You don't have to tell me anything at all
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Re: .: A God's Blessing :.

Postby zapdragon555 » 09/16/2016 2:00 AM

Vastra had never expected to stumble across such a lively place in the desert, which up until now had seemed quite empty and unforgiving. At first it had startled him, caused him to shy away and hide among the fringes of the bazaar, ducking in and out of sand dunes and shadows of stalls as he observed the commotion around him. His eyes flicked up to the cloudless sky, taking some solace in its openness as he contemplated the crowd milling about and gathering. A mess of music and clapping and talking swirled about his eardrums, overwhelming and distracting him. He supposed he really should keep moving, but ancestors above, he was so weary from his awakening...

"Hello there!" Vastra's form twitched in surprise at the voice behind him, and he turned abruptly to stare at a young girl with a protective scarf around her head and neck. "I don't think I've ever seen you at the bazaar--who are you?" she asked, clearly taking an interest in Vasta's elaborate cloak. The traveler made a sound, his voice still unused--before he'd been reborn as a human, of which he truly had no memory of, he could only utter chimes of his soul to communicate. Now, he had lungs, and a voice box, and things were so much more complicated and his tongue never worked quite right in his mouth. But he was able to smile, which seemed to be enough for the girl. "Come join in the fun! There's no need to hide in the shadows!"

The girl reached out for his hand, and he instinctively understood to take it in his own. She pulled him along, into the crowds of people, the music Vastra had been growing used to suddenly loud and all around him, people bumping into him left and right with small uttered apologies. She glanced up at him, noticing his blank expression of shock, and turned around to hold both of his hands in hers. "It's a little scary at first. When I was a baby, my mama would bring me here, and I'd always cry and cry until I got too tired and slept through the rest of the noise. You're not a baby, though," she added with a laugh, and Vastra simply smiled, because her laughter was such a happy sound. "Oh! I know! Do you know how to dance?"

Of course, he didn't, and of course, she offered to teach him. He didn't know how to say no, nor did he want to--before long he'd managed to copy her movements, and it seemed their small circle of dance had attracted a few more people to join in. Vastra couldn't believe the friendliness and positivity that seemed to swirl about him as people clapped to the beat of a collection of musicians, flutes and drums guiding their steps. Dance--dance... the word she'd said kept turning in Vastra's mind, and every now and then when he'd stop to rest, he'd find himself trying to mouth it, trying to utter sound in the right way to say the word that described this exhilarating action. When he rejoined, he was so engrossed in spinning and twirling that he almost missed the fading out of music, and then abrupt stop of it. His eyes opened, blinking wide-eyed as he realized the lighting had changed. His eyes lifted to try to find his new friend, the girl, but it seemed he'd lost her in the pointing crowd.

Vastra looked up at the sky and felt stricken with fear at what he saw. A black creature, shimmering like the night sky, stretching over the bazaar with enormous wings. Vastra's legs were rooted to the ground, even as the dark shape began to fade slightly, and then altogether... and then, an absolute outpouring of admiration and joyful cheers from the crowd around him. Vastra yelped slightly, an untrained noise escaping his throat as he looked around wildly at the other people, until a tug on his robes dragged him back down to some semblance of calm. His eyes flicked down to look at the small girl from before, her eyes bright with excitement. "Traveler, why do you look so scared?" she asked, pointing up at the horizon line. "Look--can you believe it? It's a miracle! Yepha has brought us rain!"

Vastra stared at her, confused, then slowly looked up at the sky, at the dark clouds rumbling and approaching. Rain. Rain... he'd never heard of such a thing, in all his short memory. "R...ra..." Vastra began slowly, trying to join in as ripples of the word, breathed with awe, moved through the crowd. Vastra steeled himself and turned his face upwards as a cool breeze from the direction of the clouds buffeted his hair. "Ra-ain... rain."

I wrote it down
In the winter of 1610,
Just a secret under
Lock and key until then.
While collecting the stars,
I connected the dots.
I don’t know who I am,
But now I know who I’m not.
I’m just a curious speck
That got caught up in orbit.
Like a magnet it beckoned
My metals toward it.

Make my messes matter,
Make this chaos count,
Let every little fracture in me
Shatter out loud.

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Re: .: A God's Blessing :.

Postby Freezair » 09/16/2016 3:06 AM

The Blaze Rengosett tugged at his keffiyeh in mild annoyance. "Are you sure we blend in to the crowd in this, Jimbo?"

The woman whose shoulder he was riding on to him adjusted her many hanging folds of fabric around her. "You see anyone around here not wearing one, Krii?" she asked.

"As a matter of fact, I do," Krii responded, hopping down to the sandy, dusty earth. "We're trying to blend in so hard we obviously look like tourists."

Avani, walking alongside them, blended in with the environment in her own way. The Earth Paragon was naturally influenced by her environment, and in such a dry, dessicated place as this, she was showing it. Her normally vibrant green colors had yellowed, and the branches growing from her head the way other creatures grew hair were shriveled and lifeless. "Hey, better you're wearing clothes," she said. "If you weren't, you might be mistaken for Jimmy's trained monkey! Which stereotype do you like better?"

Krii grumbled something unkind and followed alongside Jimmy's footsteps.

Ever the diplomat, Skycutter strode alongside them, brandishing the beautiful ceremonial bridle Jimmy had bought for her and letting the glistening stones catch the light. "I, for one, am just glad we get to be here to see this," Skycutter said. "The Rain Ceremony is quite special, and not many outsiders get to play witness to it. We shouldn't argue so much we miss it!"

Avani let out a small gasp. "I don't think that'll be possible--look!"

The marketplace was suddenly drenched in a beautiful, cooling shadow, and the boisterous crowd quieted down to take note. The girl, the Rengosett, the Paragon, and the Garudor all stopped to crane their necks upward as the dark, glittering wings of the celestial shape spread. Krii's nose twitched as the smell of dusty rain hit him. A few of the crowd had already begun to cheer.

"You know, it's days like this that make traveling worthwhile," Jimmy sighed. She reached out her arms and hooked them around Avani and Skycutter's necks, pulling them in close.

"Hey! No love for your brother from another genus down here?" Krii shouted up at her face.

"If I tried, you'd tell me to stop being sappy," Jimmy responded.

"Touche," said Krii. And they all sighed.

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Preoccupied by what I could be
I get so high on my ideas
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In pursuit
Of lucid dreams
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Drive for days
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Re: .: A God's Blessing :.

Postby Silver » 09/16/2016 3:13 AM


"It's too hot."

The Lucain rubbed her face with her paw as she whimpered. Warm dry weather was the stark opposite of what she liked. Plus, they were walking too much. Her paws hurt. There was sand in her fur, and her nose was all dry. All of these things were grumbled about, one after another in an endless stream.

"I know, I know," the male responded. To be honest, he wasn't even really listening to her complaints any more, but he was trying to work out a solution. Maybe if they could find a nice cool place to rest, she would calm down and perk back up again. They would both be much happier with some food in them, he figured.

"Maybe we can eat here," he flicked his nose in the direction of a charming little restaurant.

"Smells like curry," she muttered. At this point, it seemed like she was complaining just for the sake of it.

"You like curry," he calmly explained. Rain paused to consider that thought, then nodded her head in agreement. Now that an array of fragrant spices hit her nose, she was painfully aware of how hungry she was.

The two of them wandered over to see what they had to offer. The many short tables were surrounded by bunches of pillows to sit on, all hidden from the sun from large shade sails. Spark shrugged and plopped down on a cushion. Rain flopped down next to him and stretched out across enough pillows for three Lucain. This was already better than baking in the hot sun.

Suddenly, her ears started to twitch. She closed her eyes and lifted her nose to the breeze. "Do you feel it?" she hummed. Spark wasn't sure what she was talking about, so he looked over his shoulder, expecting to see something.

"It's coming...

The storm."

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like a sheep runs from the herd.
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