With temperatures rising over 143°C (289.40°F) in most areas, the only relief is during the nights when it is much cooler. All travelers are advised to keep to the local towns on the desert's outskirts and avoid traveling too far from civilization. (+3 Endurance, +2 Defense)

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Praise to Amun, Guardian of Ancient Sands [Self]

Postby Jaden Wolf » 01/06/2017 7:28 PM


The wind whispered dryly against the massive sweeping dunes of Wilt'no, far from any kind of civilization. As time flows on, various ruins of ancient peoples surface only to be swallowed again by the sandy sea. Deep within these sands sits a grand city, half-buried and completely untouched. On a pedestal before the grand temple sits a massive figure that stares at would-be trespassers with a stony glare. Unbeknownst to anyone, this figure is not native to the Evelonian ancient people, but from a far more distant land, and much older.

As the abrasive wind howled through the pillars and streets, the statue suddenly stirred. With a dry crackling sound, limbs started to move and sand streamed away into the wind. Two eyes blink from concave eye sockets as the head slowly swings from side to side. After a moment, the massive guardian steps from his sleeping place with a low grumbling noise.

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