Most of the southern region of Baa'sek is cut off from the rest of the continent by the dense, dangerous Tengel Rainforest. Much of what isn't forest is swamp lands, with the Baian Swamp covering the majority of the coast. Most cities exist along the edges of the rain forests, particularly in a divide just on the eastern limits of Baa'sek. Lamenolai lies to the north while the Slums lie to the south.

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@@ Just a Bridge [v/l/g/d]

Postby Chayden » 09/02/2012 6:47 PM

He could tell that the bridge was getting old, because the amount of light shining through its wooden slats was actually enough to blind him this time. Something must have broken or lengthened during the day without his noticing, although he didn't know how that was possible.
He noticed everything.
Agrippa had been here for years. Every day was the same: he watched the sun rise by noting the way that the shadows rose away from the opposite side of the gorge, watched miscellanea cascade down from the bridge as people walked across it, and watched the sun fade through the spaces between the boards as it neared dusk.
Nothing ever changed much.
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