Most of the southern region of Baa'sek is cut off from the rest of the continent by the dense, dangerous Tengel Rainforest. Much of what isn't forest is swamp lands, with the Baian Swamp covering the majority of the coast. Most cities exist along the edges of the rain forests, particularly in a divide just on the eastern limits of Baa'sek. Lamenolai lies to the north while the Slums lie to the south.

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Sooo which bridge? (open)

Postby namexmexnothing » 03/28/2009 10:28 PM

Fredrick sighed as she looked back and forth "which way to go?" She turned to smoothie who just stared "So your not gonna help me pick?" She glared at smoothie and then turned to Never "how about you?" Never turned up his nose to her "can you do nothing yourself, human?" She pouted "No remember that's why you came with me!" Never couldn't help the twitch in his lips.  "What are you laughing at?!" Fredrick frowned putting her hands on her hips. He's remember how we met you smoothie "said" as she sat on Never. "Did I say you could sit on me?!" Never barked as Fredrick turned red. "Hey it's not my fault I got lost...and got trapped in those vines!" Forgetting Smoothie Never turned to Fredrick, smirking " and almost falling off that cliff or sinking in that quick sand" Fredrick turned redder "So anyone could've done that" Dont forget almost drowning in a small pond smoothie smiled or atleast Fred thought so "Hey I don't think he needs any more examples ok? I think he gets it!" fred said as she pouted turning away from Smoothie and Never. After a few minutes of slience she quietly mumbled "you guys still haven't picked a bridge..." and so they went back to looking at each bridge.
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Re: Sooo which bridge? (open)

Postby FallingSkystar » 04/09/2010 6:04 PM

"Jawan is supposed to be nice this time of year..." A gruff voice whispers from somewhere nearby. A Glacial Werecain slides out from the crowd, with a red haired girl following and looking extremely exhausted.

"Valina, will you please slow down?" The girl asks, a sigh punctuating her inquiry.

"I think not. Why are you following me, if you know you can't keep up?" The Werecain asked coolly, her purple eyes flashing eerily at the girl. The girl sighed in exasperation, but didn't reply.


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Re: Sooo which bridge? (open)

Postby featherpool » 10/29/2010 6:45 PM

She tumbled out of the Forest she said"IO hate that guy."She looks at the others "Hello!"She said.She tryed to fly but she couldn't.She started to pull some loose feathers out.
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