In contrast to the Dead Coast, Sa'fir Coast is jokingly referred to as the world's largest pepper deposit because of its black sand beaches. They attract tourists, who can enjoy the tropical landscape of Barakka without facing its harsh environments. (+2 Endurance)

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Larking about [private]

Postby Skylark » 08/07/2017 11:44 PM


The sun was hot, as usual. It had just passed the highest point in the sky, making it close to the hottest part of the day. It was probably inadvisable to walk along black sand that had baking in the sun all day, but she knew that if she could just get down to where the water was crashing into the shore she might be able to avoid burned pawpads. As it was, she was slowly sweltered to death in the shade. Risking a burn didn't seem quite so crazy when the humidity alone made her feel like passing out.

Having giant, bat-like ears would be a whole hell of a lot more helpful in wicking away the heat if it had been dry instead of so damn humid.

With a huff, the fenling climbed to her tiny feet and stared at the ocean as if it were issuing a challenge. One deep breath to steady herself and she was off like a shot, racing across sweltering black sand to the cooling waves lying just beyond. It took a moment for the pain to register, but pretty soon her run started to look more like a hop as she yelped her way down that final stretch before she could throw herself face-first into the lapping tide.

She didn't waste any time. Once the ground wasn't conspiring against her, she flopped right down on the wet sand to roll it all over her body. She didn't give a damn how stupid she must look with four legs dangling in the air and black sand coating her fur, she was on a mission. A mission to cool down.
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Re: Larking about [private]

Postby Silver » 10/09/2017 6:35 AM


It was hot.

Everyone on the coast was thinking it, and right now, he was living it. Nimbus was not particularly well adapted to heat with his fluffy tail and unusually pale skin. It was so unpleasant for him that he pulled his sleeves up nearly to his elbows, certainly the most skin he had shown in a long time. His furry hybrid ears flopped down at the side of his head, drooping like wilting leaves.

Nimbus breathed a sigh of relief as the ocean came into view. The crisp, sparkling blue water was a very welcome sight. No matter how happy he was, it couldn't top the excitement of his playful pink Likuta. She danced on her toes, wiggled her tail, and flexed her spines. Meu could not wait to get in the water! She dashed ahead, leaping out of the grass and onto the start of the beach. She immediately regretted that decision, of course, and quickly stumbled back to where the ground didn't burn her paws.

"Oh! Are you okay?" Nimbus squatted down and inspected her paws as much as she would allow. There didn't seem to be any serious damage, but she had learned a harsh lesson nonetheless. "I guess we won't be swimming today," he said with a sigh. Meu tugged at his pant leg and put on her most pathetic face.

"Oh come on, no, I can't," he insisted, clearly losing the argument he was having with himself. "Okay, but only because I owe you one." Nimbus reached down and awkwardly lifted Meu up, trying his best to avoid her spines. He waddled across the beach with her wiggling around in his arms. As they got closer to the rolling tide, Meu was having more and more trouble staying put. Eventually, she kicked off of his chest and launched herself into the water.

"Oi!" he squeaked as he tumbled to the ground from the force of her leap. He quickly scrambled back to his feet, not even registering how hot the sand was against his bare skin. Once he straightened himself out, he noticed something flailing around in the tide. He was immediately overcome with concern and hurried over to take a look.

"Hey sweetie, are you alright?" He crouched down and held out his hand to the creature flopping around in the surf. Meu circled around and swam up near them, staring intently at the situation. She was ready to protect him if anything went wrong.

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