Once home to the Crystal Cities of the Hunter clans, Craiss Caverns is now a hollow empty shell of its former glory due to a strange misfortune in the past. Man-made tunnels now lead to this place, but tales tell of some never returning. (+3 Defense, +2 Offense)

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Re: The Children Are Gone [HUNT][P]

Postby AuroraSky » 10/15/2015 11:40 PM

Drax sniffed the air again. Something in the wind had shifted, something from outside of the temple that he was casing. Growling, Drax turned his head towards the west end of the ruins, gazing out upon everything down below him. And as he did so, Drax made very strong eye contact with a very ugly little creature unlike anything the beat had ever seen before. It was so meek and was as pale as the moon, with a horrible red pelt on top of it's head. Drax stared at the little beastie, and it stared back.

So, this was the challenger? Drax frowned, unimpressed with what the Gods had sent him. It would take one could crack of his paw and the little beastie would be dead. But, perhaps, the little beastie was more powerful than it looked from here? He had no choice but to investigate.

Drax jumped down from the temple, a thundering sound echoing through the ruins as he did.

The little beastie screamed.

I know you
I walked wi
th you once upon a dream
I k
now you
That look in y
our eyes is so familiar,

a gleam...

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