Once home to the Crystal Cities of the Hunter clans, Craiss Caverns is now a hollow empty shell of its former glory due to a strange misfortune in the past. Man-made tunnels now lead to this place, but tales tell of some never returning. (+3 Defense, +2 Offense)

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Re: Nico and Joli's Big Adventure [self] [HUNT]

Postby .:Random Event:. » 08/17/2016 10:23 PM

Craiss was not know for being a hospitable place. It was dark, it was damp and unless you were lucky with your pathing and came across a cavern, it always felt like the walls were pressing in around you. Unfamiliar and unhappy eyes would watch from crevices as you walked by and if you were unlucky you might startle a sleeping Morloth or Akail as you passed by. As [Pet Name] traversed the dark, unfamiliar corridors of Craiss, something strange began to happen. It was subtle at first, but if you noticed it, there was a soft black mist gathering at your feet. As you progressed down the cave, it would grow thicker and thicker around your ankles and up to your knees. But what was strange about this Celestial Mist was that it gave you a sense of calm, like everything was going to be okay. For a time, no creatures would bother you and any feelings of claustrophobia would be staved away.
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