The slums are a rundown, old heap of a town tucked deep in the jungles, with townsfolk consisting mostly of poachers, black marketeers, thieves, and fugitives. While the ideal tourist spot, some travel to the Slums to make use of the black markets. (+2 Defense, +2 Speed)

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Re: (*The UnderBet Cavern*)

Postby Owl » 06/16/2009 3:31 PM


Red eyes glared out from the thunderstorm outside, rain striking the ground like gunshots. The glacial beast trotted towards the metal door stranded in the dark alley, and yanked it open with a strong pull. Inside, he shook the water off without remorse, possibly splattering a few of the costumers.
"Hey, nice joint ya got 'ere." he yipped, strolling towards where Nickledime stood. "Piacere, miss. The don wanted to place a little bet on a friend of ours, Venom."
He browsed over the types of bets, muttering quietly. "Ah, how about a Luck Struck for 70 KS, yes? I think that will please the boss." He dished out the KS, the coins clanking on the table.

[ Money subtracted. ]
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Re: (*The UnderBet Cavern*)

Postby J'Tal » 07/06/2009 6:49 PM

J'Tal and a wounded Venom come into the old building.

"Well, now that that is over," J'Tal says. "We are here for our winnings. 40 key stones for the first fight, and 80 for the second"

Venom, who is in human form with multiple bandages and a crutch, doesn't seem to want to talk that much. It seems that not taking first, made him a bit sulky. However, he will eventually get over it.

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