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A busy, busy year!

Postby MillietheWarrior » 12/07/2017 1:31 AM

Hello and long time no see or talk or, well...anything.

I’m so sorry to say that I’ve been neglecting being here as of late. I’m a full time teacher to a class of 23 Little’s and to be honest, I just don’t have the energy to write much anymore, though I do try. I spend a lot of my days working on artwork at home, cosplays, and looking after my family. However, I’m happy to say that I have three weeks coming up where I will be off, and while I will be busy, I do hope to pop up around here some more and send out Christmas gifts! I apologize to anyone I might’ve had RP plans with or anything of the like. It’s been a long, crazy, wonderful year and now here we are almost at the end of 2017. I can’t promise I’ll be active or fully return to RP but I’ll still be here, maybe giving away some pets and clearing things out. So this is a sort of “I’m back” for now. I really missed everyone and my Evelon family! <3 <3

I love adventurous tales like that. That uplifting feeling that comes from seeing unknown lands and the knowledge that you came across—nothing can replace it! It opens a path from which self-confidence, experience, and important friendships—from the sharing of life or death situations—are born! But hearing it just isn’t the same. I want to create my own magnificent story!

A great adventure!

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Re: A busy, busy year!

Postby Flame » 12/07/2017 1:42 AM

Millieeeeeeeeeeeee~ Welcome back, luff! <333

I know we've been in contact over FB, but it's still nice to see you back here on Evelon! It sounds like while your life has been super busy, it's been really fulfilling too (also, totes jelly of all the cosplays - they look awesome!). Hit me up if you want to RP/chat/etc., you know that I'm always here! ^^
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Am I made of vapor, because I disappear?
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Just be glad I'm real, glad I'm real
Am I real?

Are you made of lead paint, a bulletproof Picasso?
All the virgin saints put you here to care for me
You don't need to sell me on anything at all
Just say what you mean and mean what you say to me

Did you ever see the waves break into a million pieces?
Or stay awake with someone who was dying?
You don't have to tell me anything at all
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Re: A busy, busy year!

Postby zapdragon555 » 12/08/2017 2:25 AM

Welcome back!! I totally understand the business. It's good to see you around again!

I wrote it down
In the winter of 1610,
Just a secret under
Lock and key until then.
While collecting the stars,
I connected the dots.
I don’t know who I am,
But now I know who I’m not.
I’m just a curious speck
That got caught up in orbit.
Like a magnet it beckoned
My metals toward it.

Make my messes matter,
Make this chaos count,
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Shatter out loud.

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