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moonlit night(digimon rp based on the original digimon

Postby dragongirl9344 » 06/20/2010 1:53 AM

This land is the place we call home we have lived here for centuries and it has always been peaceful until now when an evil digimon named blood war greymon has taken over the digital world.We have called on the new digidestined to help us maybe this time it will finally end.

human form                                                    digimon form
name:                                                       good or bad:
age:                                                         crush: (digimon can have crushes too)

partner digimon:


crush: (if you have one)

cres: light,hope,reliability,sincerety,courage,friendship,knowledge,or love
Image Jewel Fenling
Image Chaos Tali
Keystones: 100
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