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-insert-witty-title-here ( Dragon Adopters RP )

Postby Jetfire » 07/26/2010 10:00 AM

( Dun laugh at my title failishness! Anyway, the only thing you have to have to join this RP is a dragon adopters account. The dragons have escaped, but they stick together with the other dragons they grew up with. The setting is a mixed biome area, with desert, tropical forest, savanah, and an ocean. Start out where ever you feel like )

Image Spacial Image SpikeImageMarina
( Mine are in the desert/ tropical transition )
" Come on Spike! Were almost there! " yelled Spacial. They had been walking through the desert for days. They were suffering from dehydration and to much heat exposure.  " And don't drop Marina. " he said. Spike to a deep breath, her accute sensory organs drawing in scent particles. " Over there, quickly! " She said, running in the dirrection she pointed. Spacial rushed out of the brightness and into the shaded are covered by trees. The baby dark dragon gave a small yawn as she was carried by Spike. As she was water element, she hadn't suffered heat as much as the other two.
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