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2 Universe's, 1 adventure (Doctor Who+Star Trek/Sori and I)

Postby HunnyBun » 11/18/2010 12:35 AM

( Wasn't quite sure if we could do this RP anywhere else in Evelon since the plot isn't on Evelon XD Might be a bit PG-13? >3> )

The Doctor (3rd incarnation) and Zell

Vvvwwaarrp Vvvwwaarrp Vvvwwaarrp...shunk

The old blue police box suddenly materialized in the corridor, making a funny noise as it did so. It seemed out of place next to the metal walls and blinking lights. It sat there, silent, when the door slowly opened.
"Well, it seems we are on some kind of a ship." A strange very tall man walked out, wearing what could only be described as 19th century like clothing, the frills and bow tie sticking out like sore thumbs.
"What gave you that idea, Doctor?" Asked a young girl following after him.
She was much shorter than him, he towered almost a whole head and a half above her. She looked around, this was nothing to impressing, she had seen better space ships.
"So, what time do you think we're in?" She asked, crossing her arms, he always loved knowing more than her.
"I'm not quite sure." He replied, tapping his chin. "I don't recognize any of this technology."
"Maybe you just haven't been to this time?"
That question was only replied with an annoyed expression. But he soon turned away from her and started in a random direction. The girl shook her head, he never knew where he was going, but followed after him.

(( The Tardis sound: Link and I will reply again with Odo's part ))

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