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~* Wish Upon a Star (Pokemans/Self)

Postby Kreepy » 02/26/2011 8:40 PM

(So this is a story I've been rolling through my head for many years, and it would be nice to get it all down. Naturally, a lot of things have been chopped and swapped around to fit it all on here and events happen out of the chronological order that they had originated in my mind. Simply for ease of writing and reading and to stop the story being pages and pages long and not making sense xD; And yeah. =|;; I've had this thing in my head for like... 3 years now, and I'm still building on it lawl.)

This glade was still; sounds could still be heard from both the busy Celadon and Saffron, but it was masked by the quiet ambience and noise of the bird-chatter. The glade itself was slightly off what the humans had called Route 7; its native name had been lost in time and history but that hadn’t caused much concern for most of the locals, or the their kind in general.
As it was out of the way, the glade was somewhat on the wild side and was small compared to one frequented by any of the species; grasses and wildflowers thrived on the outskirts where there was just the right amount of sun – not too strong, not too weak – and towards the center of the glade were smaller but prettier flowers nestled in the short, clover infested grass. Flocks of Pidgey and Spearow or the occasional lone Murkrow could be seen often gliding overhead and sometimes a Rattata or Oddish could be seen lurking around the edges, hidden by the shadowing forest.

Kory was glad that they kept to the edges – though, it was probably out of fear of the danger of the fire that he possessed – because, dear Arceus, wild Pokemon like that frightened the living daylights out of the Growlithe. His fear earned him constant chiding and rebuking from the rest of his family as he was giving their species a bad name, dooming himself to spend the rest of his life as a Growlithe or at the very least a poor excuse of a Growlithe. For the last few years of his life, he had curled up in the family den and hidden away from the rest of the world; that was until the pack decided to move from Route 8, to Route 7. Kory had stumbled off from the rest of the group and found this small glade, and nothing appeared to jump out and threaten his very livelihood. From then on, the Growlithe decided to spend as much of his time as he could out here, rather face the insistent droning of his mother and older brother.

Kory curled up in the sun and prodded his nose into the grass a few times, before as was his routine, taking off the strange stone that he hung around his neck and laying it in the grass to try and puzzle over its mysteries. It wasn’t an Everstone, or anything used for evolution as far as he could tell – it hadn’t matched any of the descriptions of any of the known items. It was a rather curious shape; the upper end of it consisted of a simple circle – which was where he had strung the leather rope through – then a 10 centimetre rod branched off from the circle and off that there was a strange curve on one side and two simple similar rods branching off the other end. It also had dark snaking lines patterning its surface, and they occasionally lit up, but Kory could make no heads or tails of it. It very much resembled a key, but for what was anyone’s guess.

A commotion in the forest returned Kory’s attention back to reality and he quickly returned the key to its usual spot and stood upright, nose and ears quivering trying to tell where the noise had come from.

The sound of a guttural roar, and manic laughter, followed by a piercing screech and an undecipherable exclaimation, sent the Growlithe skittering nervously to the opposite side of the clearing and into nearby bushes to hide. Then the source of the commotion became apparent.

Here I am, there you are
Don't wanna stop
I know you know it, I can feel it
All the tension rising up
So much it hurts
We're saying more than words

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