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~Sight~{Fantasy Animal Rp}

Postby Zeva! » 06/14/2011 5:16 AM

{A Fantasy Animal Rp}

Long ago, every creature could see the true colors of any being they came upon. All words were understood, all species stood equal. Life was peaceful and beautiful, everything was complete and flowed easily like it should.
But then, all of that changed. The humans began to turn away from their wild selves, beginning to loathe it. They strayed away from their counterparts, secluding themselves to wood and stone shelters. Foolishly they alienated themselves from the rest of the world, and when they emerged, no longer did they see the world for what it truly was. Humans could no longer speak the animal language, and ignorantly believed themselves superior. They carried on to disrupt the balance of what was and for thousands of years they proceeded to “excel”, filling their minds with pointless calculations and nonsense.
Ultimately, the human race eliminated itself, doing the little nature left a favor. Within a few centuries all signs of humans were gone and the world thrived once again.
More learned, the generations of creatures in this time began to grow in their own ways. The animals learned from the human's mistakes and greed plagued them, for even though the human race was dead, envy still remained.

{Suggested Species}
Though any species is accepted, these are suggested.
-Canines; wolves, foxes, coyotes, jackals, etc.
-Felines; lions, tigers, leopards, cheetahs, etc.
-Equines; horses, zebras, ponies, mythical equine(pegasus, unicorn)
-Cervidae; DEER, make em crazy :D
-Avians and Reptiles; dragons, phoenix, falcons, snakes, etc.

**This is a fantasy rp, therefore your characters can look however they want. Horns, crazy colors, glowing body parts, unnaturally flaming appendages, etc. Have fun making your character and be sure to make them unique!

*Literate to advanced rp, minimum 150 words per post. Pg-13, and all of the natural rules of role-play apply*

~The Moritiar~
The ones who aspire to advance like the humans before them.
none yet

~The Arokina~
The ones who wish to retain infinite peace and put a stop to the Moritiar
none yet

~The Wild~
Those whom take no sides and share no loyalties
none yet

-this is not yet completed ^_^ -
Along came the spider!
Crept up inside her!
Spun his web deep inside her!
My darkness will guide her.
I am the spider!
I am the spider!

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