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Re: Skies over yonder (Dragon Rp! Open )

Postby spinorex » 01/01/2009 8:25 PM

((Um.... do you think I can join now??? Not to be rude.))
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Re: Skies over yonder (Dragon Rp! Open )

Postby Sukemida » 12/31/2010 3:38 PM

Name: Keri
Age: 11 in human years
Color/rank in clan: Blue, is a Fisher/ Hunter
physical features: She is a Blue eastern dragon, she has a huge mane.
Personality: Excited, happy, helpful.
History: Keri was welcomed in her clan and is hailed as the fastest flyer in her class
Clan of birth: None, Was welcomed into the Centennial clan

Keri floated above the triangle, a dangerous triangle. She had only wanted to travel to please this funny feeling that told her to go near here. She rested in a nice cloud, but thunder roared and rain started falling. Keri knew she had to get out of the clouds, into the land below. She flew straight down, and went for the nearest island she spotted to land on. She crashed into a clearing near the two dragons that had unfurled the scaley wings, and went to fly.
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