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Re: Warriors: Dawn of a new Era

Postby LionKit » 07/24/2009 3:35 PM

(ooc: Hi Lilacsong!)
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Re: Warriors: Dawn of a new Era

Postby Lilacsong » 07/24/2009 5:56 PM


Eagleshadow yawned in boredom. The sun shone down gleefully on his pelt, causing his pelt to momentarily have a sheen of gold. Rolling over, he bathed himself in the sun, soaking in the warmth. He heard a cat coming  and scrambled up. His ears burned in embarrassment as he realized that it was Suntail.
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Personality:Smart, lonely, rarely speaks, sometimes depressed
History:She was born as an orphan, and grew up alone wandering the Lands of Evelon. Many have heard of her and refer to her as the 'Lone One'. She knows of this, as she knows everything. Never has anyone really seen her, but many claim that they have caught a 'glimpse' of her during her wanderings. Poinsettia is also a very pretty Yonyuu, and many have tried to capture her. Many have tried...and have never been heard of again. She is also the master of disguises, meaning she can travel without being noticed. She can look like any other evelon pet. So beware, look both ways, because you never know...it might be her.

Poinsettia, the pretty flower
No one knows of her secret power.
To charm the worst
And beat the first.
The master of disguises
Waits until her lover rises.

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Re: Warriors: Dawn of a new Era

Postby Sukemida » 05/03/2010 4:59 PM

I wish to join, may i be in Ashclan

Name: Silverstar
Moons:72(Equals six years old)
Story:She was once a cat liveing outside the territories, upon learning that there was danger about this wise adult ran into ashclan. The clan seemed scared and hopeless, it seemed they had lost their leader and many other cats includeing dueputy. She offered to be leader, but the clan being decendants of shadow clan wanted to see if she was wise enough to join. So she fought many darkclan cats and earned a few warriors from their clan that wanted to change or were threataned to die if they didnt join, so only in about 2 moons she earned the title of leader.

Look: small scars along her body, is blind with blue eyes, silver fur.
Disablitys:Blindness, but even though that she is the decentant of jayfeather and has his same abilitys.She can sence pulses from the ground and fight fast.
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