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Come Chat With Us!

Postby Kyrit » 08/16/2016 12:17 PM

Looking to chat with other members in a potentially more active time format? The IRC can be used to get in touch with any other member using it, much like messenger clients. Evelon has its own dedicated chat room in case you'd like to drop by! The chat follows Evelon's basic rules, though we tend to be pretty flexible in there.

The easiest way to access this chat room is to simply follow this link. Choose your nickname by changing the text in the box before hitting connect. Once you hit connect you'll automatically be directed to the Evelon chat room. This isn't the only way to access the channel though. If you have an IRC client on your computer, tablet, or phone, you'll need the information below.

Evelon Chat Server Information

Network/Server name: Slashnet
Server addresses:
       irc.slashnet.org (Random server)
       us.slashnet.org (Random US server)
       abstract.slashnet.org (New Jersey, United States)
               Ports: 6667-6669, 6697 [SSL], IPv6 support on all ports
       concrete.slashnet.org (Kansas, United States)
               Ports: 6667-6669, 6697 [SSL], IPv6
       moo.slashnet.org (California, United States)
               Ports: 5000, 6666-6669, 7000, 6697 [SSL]
       spaniels.slashnet.org (London, United Kingdom)
               Ports: 6666-6669, 6697 [SSL], IPv6
Channel name: Evelon

Basic Commands

These are the most basic commands that you should know when using the chat. Information that you need to enter is denoted by [square brackets]. Do not type the brackets when using these commands.

Command - Explanation
/nick [nickname] - Changes your screen name to "[nickname]"
/join #[channel] - Allows you to enter a chat room called "[channel]"
/me [action] - Displays your text as if it were an action. For example, "* ~Kyrit rolls."
/nickserv register [password] [email] - Registers your nickname so that others cannot take it. Enter a password of your choosing and your email address, and follow the instructions in the confirmation email.
/nickserv identify [password] - Once you've registered your nickname, you must use this command each time you connect so that chat server knows you own the name.
/nickserv recover [nickname] [password] - If you become disconnected and your nick is still shown as being in use, use this command to force the server to disconnect the nickname.

Suggested Chat Clients

These are chat clients known to be used by some users. If you use a different chat client and would like it to be added to the list so other users know of it, just let us know!

Chatzilla - This client is an add-on for the Firefox web browser. It is easy to use, giving you a list of networks to pick from (Pick Slashnet). Once you've connected to a network you just have to use the /join #[channel] action to join the Evelon chat.
AndChat: Andriod app available through the GooglePlay store for use on cellphones and tablets. You will need to add the Slashnet server and it will let you choose preferred login information, such as default username and and channels you would like to join on startup.
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